Cheadle Brings Real-Life Dynamic with Downey Jr. to 'Iron Man 3'

Actor Don Cheadle discusses working alongside Robert Downey Jr. in "Iron Man 3."
3:19 | 04/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cheadle Brings Real-Life Dynamic with Downey Jr. to 'Iron Man 3'
Back, now, with don cheadle, starring in "iron man 3" which is just about to open here in the u.S. Don stars, well, tony stark's best friend, rhody. Would you please become don cheadle. Good morning, america. You have a promotion. You're now a colonel. Yeah, how about that? A lot of action in this one, don. Yeah. You must have had a lot of fun. It was great. For me, the second one was a lot of fun. But being able to come back and be out of the suit and do a lot of the stunts and work with the stunt team and do all that physical work was a lot of fun for me. Speaking of the suit, it got a remake in "iron man 3." What was your first reaction when you saw it? I wasn't re. What was wrong with the one machine? The iron patriot is something in the story of the movie, the president wanted a rebrand. And it was a focus group that suicided on the name. That was a tongue and cheek way to come back. That looks heavy. They didn't lighten it up. They changed the name. They could have taken aouple pounds off it. That would have been -- you would have enjoyed that. Yeah. We're going to show a clip of you in the suit. You're here for the u.S. Military. And your good friend, tony, gives you a call. Yeah. Here you go. What are you doing? Talking. Making friends in pakistan. What are you doing? Your redesign, your big rebrand, that was haig, right? I need your log-in. It's the same. War machine 68. Password, please? I have to change it every time you hack in, tony. Give me your log-in. War machine rocks, all-caps. Yeah. Nice to know that he has a log-in like the rest of us. Your relationship with robert downey jr. Is special. And it really comes through on the screen. It looks like you really enjoy working with one another. Yeah. It was fun to come back a second time and to really make that strengthen that. And have more to do. And also, you know, it's great to take some of the energy we have off-camera, on to the screen, as well. We like to bust each other's chops. It's fun to have that dynamic in the movie. And you alluded to it. We do see the relationship really grow in this one. Yeah. And how did that evolve? You know, I think that this is the culmination of what the promise was in the first two movies. You know, when we talked about coming back, robert and I said, if we're going to do this again, we have to really, you know, understand why these guys need each other. How they complement each other. And what tony does foody and vice versa. I think we establiaccomplished that. You enjoy this role, don't you? It's nice to come back and work with people that are professional and about getting the thing done. We appreciate all your work. There's no pigeon holing you. There's nothing you cannot do. And as an actor, that must really just give you such freedom. Thank you. I've got 5,800 gowns and I've never worn the same one twice. And he's funny, too. Don, thank you so much. Continued success and blessings in all that you do. And it's coming up soon "iron man 3."

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{"id":19050125,"title":"Cheadle Brings Real-Life Dynamic with Downey Jr. to 'Iron Man 3'","duration":"3:19","description":"Actor Don Cheadle discusses working alongside Robert Downey Jr. in \"Iron Man 3.\"","url":"/GMA/video/iron-man-don-cheadle-gma-interview-actor-brings-19050125","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}