Jacintha Saldanha Outrage: DJs Responsible for Prank Are in Hiding

Jeffrey Kofman, Cecilia Vega report the latest on the nurse who was duped in a prank call.
5:04 | 12/09/12

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Transcript for Jacintha Saldanha Outrage: DJs Responsible for Prank Are in Hiding
We're going to now to a royal sighting. Just two days after kate middleton was released from the hospital prince william made a splashy public appearance. Meanwhile the family of the nurse who took her life after being fooled by a radio sprank speaking out. Jefferey kofman is in london with the latest. This is now a police investigation. An inquest begins tomorrow. While the duke and duchess of cam cambridge struggle the balance of being new parents with the struggle of the nurse. Prince william went solo last night at a charity ball. The conversation he quipped about kate's illness. I don't know why they call it morning sickness. They should call it all day and the tragic death and apparent suicide of the nurse who fell for the hoax called. They issued a statement. On facebook, her daughter wrote this weekend simply -- I miss you. I love you. Sa dane ya worked as a nurse at king edward vii hospital for four years. Her family lives in bristol. With no receptionist overnight, she answered t prank call and put it through. Hello, there. Can I speak to my granddaughter kate? For kate it's another test of her new life in the public. While she understood what she was taking on, I think that there have been a couple of things that will have made them go, oh, my goodness, we didn't necessarily think that it was going to be this bad this day and age. It's sounding uncomfortably like the life of her late mother in law, princess diana who was hounded by the media. We have just learned that william has canceled a public appearance tonight. Kate is understandably lying low, she had been to schedule appear at the london premiere at hobbit this wednesday. That will demapend on her medical condition. THE TWO AUSTRALIAN DJs ARE Basically in hiding. But there really is no hiding from the global tsunami of outrage headed in their direction and now, new questions about whether they may have actually broke on the law here. Our coverage continues this morning with cecilia vega who's in sydney, australia. Reporter: Boy, you know the word tragedy is on every front page in sydney and those are FACES OF THOSE TWO DJs. They haven't spoken publicly since this joke went so wrong. Not just the mounting headlines. We have got another huge, huge show tonight. THE TWO AUSTRALIAN DJs WHO Radio prank took a tragic turn, soon may have to face australian police. If they illegally recorded a phone call to the hospital where kate middleton was being treated for morning sickness. Their station boss says no laws were broken. We're very confident that we haven't done anything illegal. When is a good time to come and visit her, because I'm the queen sf. Mel grieg and michael christian are in a fragile emotional state. The pair is now seeking the help of counselors. THE DJs ARE IN HIDING. Their facebook and twitter accounts are at dark. Criticism goes on. On the streets of sydney, australians we met seem more forgiving. Some people are saying that they should be held criminally responsible or that they should be fired, any of those? No. No I thiit was only meant as a joke. I feel bad. Well, the d. Are expected to reach out to the nurse's family. A spokesperson for the radio station we'll be hearing a public statement this week. Lot more shoes to drop on this story. We'll continue to cover it here on "good morning america."

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{"id":17917577,"title":"Jacintha Saldanha Outrage: DJs Responsible for Prank Are in Hiding","duration":"5:04","description":"Jeffrey Kofman, Cecilia Vega report the latest on the nurse who was duped in a prank call.","url":"/GMA/video/jacintha-saldanha-outrage-djs-responsible-prank-hiding-17917577","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}