Jack Hanna Brings an Anteater, a Dingo and a Skink to 'GMA'

Charlie Sheen joins Josh and Sam as Jack Hanna shows off Columbus Zoo animals.
3:14 | 01/16/13

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Transcript for Jack Hanna Brings an Anteater, a Dingo and a Skink to 'GMA'
It is fair to say, it's a wild wednesday here at "good morning america." And not just because -- my man, charlie sheen. Our other wingman who brings the winged and the spiked, jack hanna, director emeritus of the columbus zoo. It's the down under edition of jack hanna. This is a kidma. They are sharp and pointy. It's not like a porcupine. This is one of the two egg-laying mammals in the world. The platypus and this animal here. Look at this thing. Look at the face here. Unbelievable. Do they deploy the spines? They don't shoot them. They stick them straight up. You see that? Isn't that amazing creature? How many of these are there in the world? Not that many. When they breed, the males go behind here like a train. Only one will breed her. It's a beautiful animal, as well. Can we see maggie? Maggie is the dingo. We have to get this out before the dingo comes out. I will not move. This is a dingo. Most dingos you see on a lot of shows are dogs. You see how big be it is? Full-grown. The animal lives on frazier island in australia opinion it's an animal that doesn't yell or bark a lot. They howl just barely. Is this domesticated to a degree? They inbreed with dogs and people try to do that. They are wild animals. Many people don't get to see a dingo. They have the kangaroo or animals like that. It's nice. And its coat is so smooth. Only one person -- can we give charlie the skink, actually? Can I get gloves? Don't put the head near your mouth. What mouth? I got it. Okay. You notice something. Charlie can show it. Look at the tail. Hold the tail this way. Okay. A predator will grab the tail instead of thed. It looks like -- yeah. The legs can go both ways. The hind legs can go frontwards like it's going that way. It's the coolest new animal you've brought. Isn't it amazing? Show the tail. Let's get ingrid out here? Come here, sweetie. Look at ingrid. Kangaroos, they're everywhere in australia. They're marsupial. They have eight babies at one time. They have a fingernail that climbs up in the pouch. Jack hanna's wild countdown, saturday morning on abc. You can come for jack and stay for "sea rescue." We'll take jack's audience for that. Jack hanna is here today. We thank him.

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{"id":18228207,"title":"Jack Hanna Brings an Anteater, a Dingo and a Skink to 'GMA'","duration":"3:14","description":"Charlie Sheen joins Josh and Sam as Jack Hanna shows off Columbus Zoo animals.","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hanna-brings-anteater-dingo-skink-gma-18228207","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}