One-on-one with Jack O'Connell and Japanese Rock Star Miyavi

The "Unbroken" stars talk how and why they were hand picked by Angelina Jolie.
12:19 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for One-on-one with Jack O'Connell and Japanese Rock Star Miyavi
Here America the city. Simply being did. Good to you further. Your diet you will indecent video to a medic. They must it would impede cunanan. Symphony. Is it. You wanted to found me that. These gentlemen. If the baby into. We have proven and we'll all ruled Lola. If he's named post among cools. So while there. Her son is calling him. Latin now. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a really special movie out there now that Angelina Jolie directed called on broke it. And it's the story of Luis M Perini who was an Olympic athlete Obama. Hardships in his life especially when he was placed in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp. And the two actors Jack O'Connell plays Willie. And biamby who plays that tormenting guard are both here and I'm telling you he's in the two best performances you'll see anywhere so. See this movie. But now I have. The torment are. And the victims woman touches that yet so was that it is that have you prepared for the rolls by just really. The and hard ass with each other through the whole four months of shooting. Yes it. It was made difficult for clues. It was me all these first rolled Eaton saw them going to be two crew. And ignoring solid. Let's consider myself a bit more supportive enough so. Laughing I think distance between us was Kate. Who's in himself from me off we we get along with each of us from new Wii and the what would have been appropriate so we cut to distance from him. And he's thrown oxen. English accent was so helpful and heck I could happen like at. Competitive. So when did you get to knowing that did he actually take you out for a couple of drinks after shooting. And was completed. Often the film I'm these though opera party we had. Jam session on stage together for the heat they'd be tires to how many Asians had a party formed a bond. While I'm Michael Bloomberg could unbroken then and we and we proved we can do better than that at that thinks. Other than what I said in the intro can you just tell everybody who it is that your plane musical you're playing Louie who with to. Yep. I didn't have the privilege grateful tune in being Cust is merely some Perini. An extraordinary money passed away early of the Shia and on seven. And throw everything in Ali's these Olympic days and is Tom in the air force and then into Japanese captivity two years. After all it he was stone capable of forgiveness. Actually was able fondness this place of solace but they and then all these current to divert. We're dealing with real often to be Jews is oaks. Really goes to comb exploding. Did you get to me that we. Yeah yeah three times ringtone. And swabs we folded the sheets and then and then the food and fondled saw and was pollution so. Perhaps this is Thomas won favor among the first to Tom soybean quite overwhelmed. With all you who cannot and became destructed with what he was saying no knowledge of small for the next month. And then the third and final time when there was no dollar no scheduled. 40 we put in an off import. Throughout the shoot for is to sit down feel confident in his presence confident that we we we do the job well known. You must conclude. Knowing you did. In Lou we. Didn't have a chance to meet the burned out that a line it. Tell me and Angie and produce and that any wrong assumptions. How he reacted but. I took my daughters to his house and he welcomed. You know he's so charming and you know it's great person. I thought the phone even this was a real name is settled. You know strong first let me Abbie explain a little bit about the character that you playing the bird what mom. The board who is a primary home internal that we kind out of prisons. And there is you know from the sorry his brutal cruel. Unbalanced. And conflicts kept us. But Angie and I don't want to portray him as that the cult did or whose one dimensional. And unfortunately Rea what ever to find that article he was right in about. How much she wanted to see he's mother. While he was hiding among ten force have in years volumes. Escaping from peace criminalized. You know we don't say what's his own is right about him timely weather to find his humanity and sensitivity. And from the article he was. Also scared and struggle. We came to the attack it was also tortured internally. And in trying to release his table. By torturing someone and he wanted to be like Louis Missouri hat something. You know he wanted to achieve. The bar near that he couldn't sit tried to. Breakdown movie. Just putting it in motion and humanity. And sensitivity. Hormone these into the character was needy people until he will. Let's talk a little bit about how you got these roles in the first place you know Jackson actor you know you're a rock star. So it's when Angelina Jolie decides. What makes that happen how does she choose you source accounts that there was a request came through for self pay. A pay self paying him. A fund in the sometimes encourages Malaysian and I. Swollen and took the request in my old from agree. No drama teacher that show the Kama. A gold one and and many grow wing and made me shall we do it's infinitely satisfactory. Mainly working over a moment. And then at least wrote some contessa and mature and hopes that she would respond should it and then and don't need to know. Let's talk about new lease on anomalies over generation inspires me greatly so was able to put across to unduly you know. And and then it was a case of screen testing to convince C universal executives. We all these is what's more interest in. If you can't go on to keep. IA in on in the nation's damages. Yet you know planning apartments. Stopping the strings note people. You'll see Ramona person thirty and now we think these bandits seek to hate people. Is you know they're the Japanese casting director Gil quote she she she. This came into my office in Tokyo. The blue and then she kept asking me what kind of music I do it in the Asian. And what kind of film like and then who's my salary upturn. And I answered. I'm gene usually. I got cast. She's just see where your favorite president I had that is Angie and neo quotes. A by the talked finished they want to cast blocked musicians whose familiar with the performance in from the crowd. On station in two cousins that you know one and 200. People I mean prisoners. And with a prisons. And couple weeks later I'm Angie in Tokyo. But you guys are on the set with. What is her approach to you is actors. To do. Far Foshee other level of support. That that was Clemson. Off a faux she gave me validation. All self belief anyway. Another not maybe she recognizes vitality and not because to be informed of the comer feeling like you've got a director who opposes job. The non can be a bit welcome not now. So it's yet through locker and Julian was convinced with what I was doing that up made me feel Rocco was brave enough take race gunman a little bit. Make decisions on who he's been hall. There's no law off on the whole thing. Since she. Owns that is he comes at the said there are Davis she's not. A superstar celebrity it's you know so down to a parent and and talking to they have a line so caring. And you know the so passionate. The time and that's why NATO on Wednesday it was. It was to be on the same page but she's still supporting innings he gave us you know it's. You know space when she didn't say anything to do these students to you know I was so surprised and Hamas should toss that Dotson. You aren't we knew in Venice Beach is that we move when he came to America to learn English. Lay out his defense straight performance on the street had against me how to hunt block. Susan you have is really cool hand this you know music. Can go beyond. Language barrier soon it's so. We also had you know jam sessions and bring in the guitar. Look at me that. Well and then my about this week. Eight. It it's that time. Soften loosening. No you wouldn't let that you're sitting next to some fake popcorn cooked so I think that you know you've done that for half an hour you can circular wed this you can where I forget that I think whoever it is on your pet. How I didn't but let's hear it. There's whole come on Jack. So doctor. It and yeah it. Raleigh. From. Positive trend coming that strolled around the and I seen the gunshots and I don't know wind. Yeah most yeah. And time keeps drag. But I do that in just a moment. To all about alleged wrongs. It. It was all about this fear it and it was there. You can pick the candidate a lot of ways that we're record in the it's a vengeful thing in the I am and that's about that you guys get up and well in Austin. Group. Growing the public. And grow to Islam and looks at it you know what it's gonna cost for is to reconstruct it.

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{"duration":"12:19","description":"The \"Unbroken\" stars talk how and why they were hand picked by Angelina Jolie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27812610","title":"One-on-one with Jack O'Connell and Japanese Rock Star Miyavi","url":"/GMA/video/jack-oconnell-japanese-rock-star-miyavi-27812610"}