James Foley Was 'The Best of America,' Parents Say

John and Diane Foley offer an emotional recollection of their son.
2:33 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for James Foley Was 'The Best of America,' Parents Say
Very proud of GM in he was courageous. Fearless. Journalist. Very compassionate American I mean the best of America. And he always hopes. It is doing he would come home that was seized pulp and he sustained all the others who with him really with that hope. But before coming home he wanted to support his fellow inmate who was always the first -- -- Media. One that would take the bullet first the woman who would speak to the guards about inequities in food he was. It was never a slacker he was always the definitive. Apparently. Asked to stand up guy you know which is past equity. Wanted to do for others that we're going to do -- journalists. We also we also appreciate the tremendous number of prayers we know we've seen -- -- receive well -- communities. Dayton -- has said in Libya in the we're very sure now that he could feel the prayers and we think his strange team from -- Seoul -- people were praying for GM. And I I really think that's what gave Jim an unusual courage GM packages could feel the prayers. He was strong courageous. Loving -- -- and -- a week. We just highly recognized her little boy -- -- he just. He -- chance -- hero you know. And you know from the videos -- the last word here. The fish and we're tired. -- my privilege. You have elections. We we we -- compassion. And mercy compassion mercy and -- catches. -- Stephens. And -- the other captains we just ignorance and they Wear their know I can never hurt anybody. They were trying to help. And there's no. Reason for their slaughter. Jim was just innocent and they knew it they knew that Jim was just a symbol for our country. And it's it's that hatred that it. GM was against Jim was dared to you. Here's a truce in -- witnessed -- a love and suffering. Hopes of the people to be free. Like we are. And they knew that.

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{"id":25053888,"title":"James Foley Was 'The Best of America,' Parents Say","duration":"2:33","description":"John and Diane Foley offer an emotional recollection of their son.","url":"/GMA/video/james-foleys-parents-discuss-their-son-25053888","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}