Jamie Anderson Danced to Nas Before Gold Medal Run

Olympic snowboarder drew inspiration from the song "I Can" before winning the slopestyle event.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for Jamie Anderson Danced to Nas Before Gold Medal Run
You watch -- yourself. With that gold medal round with your mom in your sister's right by your side it was it your -- it was better watching it actually there than it was watching it. These you can actually remembering what had happened and -- had a lot of pressure relief and -- have never seen. -- -- and -- I've never seen my mom so nervous Burnett and apparently my dad had his eyes I'm Behrens. -- her to bail them watch apparently the comfort of the PNG and implement its business and moment soon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I began -- -- -- Mike and Mary and various on the tonight greatly believing. It you're capable of anything if you work hard and -- he had an and the turn any realize that you could listening you're listening to music when you have and amendments. Under the and I was -- to the commentators. Say she's under so much pressure. -- it can even -- and that as like in my above all they -- me think. Remember snowboarding is all about. Just three Olympics don't sweat it just one chance stick to get it -- -- you and you came in. You were number five and you win when you were standing up there and did the announcers were saying. She's got the weight of the world on her shoulders right now did you feel that. -- member of the top of the -- like taking a moment. And dedicating in the -- ran to. Everyone around this converted me on my journey to get there beats me and my family my friends all -- on -- All of my community and sense. Really -- -- a student for a bigger purpose not just for myself it's made a positive. I'm traditions of this world is that they can in this trend and win you've got to -- and you -- you nailed it. I mean I had a good feel aimed at the end of the daylight I was just happy and able to -- Aaron together king has that course was very difficult. And I mean I don't know how the judges are gonna score today that now have last -- girls -- candidates. And I just as Senegal Atlanta -- and and veterans of that and then when you knew you had captured the gold and utility needs people like -- -- -- -- And saying -- you you know her thoughtful Lee it. -- -- A is why. They are some word I didn't now because -- -- -- snowboarders polyglot animal -- the. But he -- us all of its gratitude and -- moment like I'm the president bring down in tears I had a moment ready for any event started where they saw my sister and I just like tears rolling down my paints the madness. It's been so much pressure leading them to that day and that moment that incidents like. As -- it has can explode when all this energy and to be able to -- store and it revered and instantly and ordered its know that I'm capable of new England and sent out to do -- -- Pretty. An amazing and aren't doing -- in the have you been able to enjoy it any really so -- and hyperion -- I mean not totally Michael -- and -- just embrace every moment to link even here talking -- -- about it reminds me. One of magical moment Atlanta's ugly comments gratification I have heard this whole year and for every evening in the past that I've worked so hard -- -- in this moment. And really there's -- -- -- in the Levy and trustee and then at the end of the daily volume you know -- him out of hand okay see your mom told me that you're afraid of heights. I've always have been Everett at my. House isn't possible like a roller coaster is there's not much happened. I'm in snowboarding and sent to different thing because that pennant since working land transaction and when transitions winning up. -- now and and. Vatican for I don't know I mean. I am scared of it's definitely I trust my ability to snowboard and through my little journey -- -- -- that I feel like. I have found my way to fly the link I love birds I -- -- -- out and look at her bald Eagles and involvement. And things snowboarding has -- open that stand -- for me to be able to. Feel free handling literally flying through the air. That is what you do what do -- think they -- roller coasters. And now. I've got out of my can -- snow -- -- I mean not tire plant and -- however and he thinks I'm a -- that more. Strictures against -- does make sense I did not completely I damn good so. You win gold at 23. Where you go from hearing here on top of the world hidden and Diane have been no lights yeah I mean. And silver -- -- manipulates reward in his chest. The chapter of my life and I'm open to whenever -- Anyway it expanded the feeling and -- think about snowboarding. In Olympic future do you think we're going to be seeing more -- some people are really. Excited about the two gold medals. From -- stage do you mean this really -- snow warning on the map in terms of its Olympic presence do you think there's more to -- I do I mean I think snowboarding -- until finally energy it's the Olympic Games -- And so creative and unique and different than any other sports. I hope I -- run lights and and that there will be morning you know what. Other. World right now I know what I am not even able to -- give her husband. She felt pressed I Gabby you're to have this you know happiness she is now should see it. She doesn't even -- it's like gone on Saturday to back in Germany growing and getting them again as the I got I was yesterday as -- like. But all I cannot wait to go back to top and connected and we're gonna have a -- -- be in this age of like my next door neighbor at home so all walk over there and hang -- traveler program it's hot. When it would -- October past last she had. Original -- all around Germany and and some money because she doesn't have any candidates and I don't have any grandparents from the -- West Coast. So she it was like. Let me go grab my address and she brought about -- like. It's displayed fits me perfectly and she -- the -- -- her face is so that it afraid this beautiful little moments like that and this of records demands that Letterman. So happy strongly hostages -- Arab League I don't know if I were not true champion Oregon appearances like you know Ted I'm general Syron who wanted to do all this stuff while I can -- She's such -- is living in the moment just like him. So fellow snow boarder bread Jenny Jones -- June she described you as. Hippie from -- Ecologist -- Island since. -- Have. And authentic. Downturn. -- mean I'm just really grateful to be given me opportunities. Do. Follow live action and snowboard and spread love and conscious at and -- and being my true authentic -- -- -- and bring some light of this chaotic world -- Evans. Thank you done and how about -- on your sister's hair -- lives in the words can't describe how happy I am my family made it out of the senate seat of his sisters are my best friends. I don't we've. Hardly ever get to spend time together for the number. -- -- careers -- -- Latin. This these incidents -- magic. -- for anything and any little brother was the only one who couldn't come confusing college usage was struggling with his decision. The minute he talks soon as he did he yeah and now those swing he wrote. They like rafter -- -- graduation. And of these moments and you know and I found out he wasn't gonna go. I tried get his obvious that -- that it apparently -- you have to be here tonight. The ball and he -- well yeah. They like 500 dollars like I'm paid its bracelet and -- -- But at the end of the day I mean he had to make up his own decision and they needed someone at home on the mound that Anderson. And we -- I'm happy I'm happy he is where he is. It would've been nice to have every right here. They live now he's -- he's the one you stayed behind hello it's loaded the at another -- -- -- Larson on any -- you try had a good group of friends that came together so. It's perfect this to me about the PG a moment and what has -- -- you and -- family. All the gains -- home has been the sole means in the fact that there access to care 100% supporting my mom and my -- and -- this brings. So much so I mean it's crazy sign up there and competing but knowing that my family and mom is safely take care. And things isn't -- -- -- atmosphere. I know I mean they're gonna their hair about their makeup they -- -- beautiful and arrested and I'm like thank you in -- And taking care of the families. Yes and thank you mom -- getting you know where I am today a fully. Fit. Should -- thinks there's -- word and it now. I had feminine intuition and -- -- losing half of a fabulous situation here.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Olympic snowboarder drew inspiration from the song \"I Can\" before winning the slopestyle event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22451030","title":"Jamie Anderson Danced to Nas Before Gold Medal Run","url":"/GMA/video/jamie-anderson-danced-nas-gold-medal-run-22451030"}