Jason Derulo Announce Billboard Music Award Finalists

The singer/songwriter takes a break from his tour to make the big announcement on "GMA."
5:03 | 04/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jason Derulo Announce Billboard Music Award Finalists
owning the ballroom on the season premiere of "Dancing with the stars." He has a new album out next Tuesday. A sizzling tour and his smash single is burning up the charts. He is here to announce the finalists for the billboard music awards. A big welcome to the man everybody wants to hear. "Talk dirty." Hi, Jason. Good morning. Thank you for the serenade. We were getting ready for the show, going over scripts about 6:30 A.M. And you were dancing behind the desk, singing away. You found great. You're a lot of fun. You are, too. I want to talk to you about the new album, "Talk dirty." You say you knew you had a hit. I was in the studio. I wanted to have a good time. With all of the songs on this album, I wanted to experiment and make sure I was doing something that was different. Something that would stand out. We want to walk over here because we are going to do the honors. Thank you for being here to do this. Of course. It's a big deal. Billboard music awards. We have the finalists. We're getting help from everybody. Are you all ready? You have the first? Top male artist. Are you ready? I have the first. I jumped ahead. I was so excited. All right. Top female artist. Will you please announce the finalists for top female artist. Absolutely. All right. Top female artists. Beyonce. Miley Cyrus. Lorde. Katy Perry. And Rihanna. Wow. A tour de force. Oh, yeah. That's an album right there. All right, my friend. Now, it is time for top male artist. Okay. Let's go. Ready? Luke Bryan. Drake. Eminem. Bruno Mars. And Justin Timberlake. J.t. Country artist. All right. Luke Bryan. Florida Georgia line. Darius Rucker. Blake Shelton. And Taylor swift. Great. Great. Gio? Top r&b artist. All right, gio. Let's go. Top r&b artist. Beyonce. Pharrell Williams. Rihanna. Robin Thicke. And Justin Timberlake. Finally. Top artist overall. All right. I know you want to hear this one. For top artist. Miley Cyrus. Imagine dragons. Bruno Mars. Katy Perry. And Justin Timberlake. Big year for Justin Timberlake. Big year for Justin. Thank you so much for announcing the finalists. All winners already. Just great music this year. Of course. Incredible. We have a little bit of time to talk to you. A lot of our fans have been weighing in and want to hear from you. When you're writing music, what inspires you most? When I write music, I want to write about my life. When I write about my life, things are a little more true. We're all human beings. We all go through the same things. And I feel like it's more relatable when I just talk to you guys like I'm talking to my best friend. Do you talk dirty to your friends? Not so much. Only his girlfriends. The album, "Talk dirty" comes out Tuesday. Tell us a little about what we can expect. Oh, my goodness. I'm so excited. There's a bunch of features. Snoop dog on my next single. Jordan is on the album. Very star-studded album. And it's an album that has so many different dimensions. I really wanted to accomplish having an album that you could listen to when you were in the bedroom with a loved one, while you're at the club, while you're jamming in your car. You know, it has so many different dimensions. I'm excited. Coming out this Tuesday, April 15th. And it's available for preorder right now. Stop what you're doing. And you're going to be performing at the billboard music awards. Yeah. I'm excited about that. You promise to have a lot more jim-jams? Absolutely. You performed on "Gma," you just brought it. Thank you so much for being here today. Thank you, always, for your great music. Thank you. Jason derulo, everybody.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"The singer/songwriter takes a break from his tour to make the big announcement on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23253695","title":"Jason Derulo Announce Billboard Music Award Finalists","url":"/GMA/video/jason-derulo-singersongwriter-announces-billboard-music-award-finalists-23253695"}