Jason Patric Fights for Donor's Paternal Rights

Actor was the donor for an ex's artificial insemination and wants to be a part of his son's life.
2:47 | 07/15/13

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Transcript for Jason Patric Fights for Donor's Paternal Rights
Jason patric's passionate fight for his 3-year-old son. in an emotional interview with katie couric he's speaking out for the first time. Linsey davis with a preview. It gets to the fight of parental rights. Jason patric is embroiled in a personal fight off screent has the actor at the center of a nationwide debate over who has the right to call themselves a parent? Today his impassioned plea for custody of the little boy so desperately needs his father. We've seen him in the 1987 teen vampire classic "the lost boys CANth. Protecting you. Reporter: But this is a side of veteran actor jason patric we're not used to seeing? Are you sorry you donated your sperm. I didn't donate my sperm. I gave my sperm to have a child with danielle. Reporter: In what's become a real-life drama, he was candid and emotional in his latest role as a activist and crusader for paternal rights that plays out on "katie" when he speaks out about his battle to playen active part in his 3-year-old son gus' life. He agreed to be the donor for his one-time girlfriend's insemination. She claims they would raise gus alone but patric says that isn't true and he's been involved in his life. In february a judge sided with the mother saying patric was simply a donor and therefore couldn't sue for custody. She tells abc news "i just hope and trust that the legislature will protect my family and the countless other families by not interfering with the rights we were promised". I know if he sees me he's going to come running to me and his mother will pull him away and I can't do that to my boy. Reporter: The california state legislature is debating passage of a bill that allow donors like patric to become legal fathers. Women's groups are all going to object because it clearly expands the ability for fathers to second-guess themselves. Reporter: Opponents of the bill say it would allow a man to change his mind about paternity even after deliberately giving up his rights before conception. Jason patric says he'll continue his fight. I just pray and I try to do everything I can legally, legislatively to have justice come. The state assembly is expected to vote on the bill in august. The way things stand right now unmarried heterosexual couples trying to conceive need to sign a paper that says the sperm donor is indeed the intended father. You can hear more of his emotional interview today on "katie." Be sure to check your local listings. I happened to be there for the taping. Wow, it's very powerful. He makes a very impassioned plea. He wants to be a dad. Uh-huh. Coming up, three of the

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{"id":19666894,"title":"Jason Patric Fights for Donor's Paternal Rights","duration":"2:47","description":"Actor was the donor for an ex's artificial insemination and wants to be a part of his son's life.","url":"/GMA/video/jason-patric-fights-donors-paternal-rights-19666894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}