Why 'The Little Couple' Star Jen Arnold Wants a 'Boring' Life

The star of "The Little Couple" talks about her battle with rare uterine cancer.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Why 'The Little Couple' Star Jen Arnold Wants a 'Boring' Life
been a trying time for Jennifer Arnold and her husband bill Klein the stars of "The little couple." This morning, they're speaking for the first time on television since overcoming her health scare and battle for her life. Here's ABC's Abbie Boudreau. Reporter: After her life-threatening battle with a rare form of cancer -- I have two little kids under the age of 5. Now I had a reason to live like I had a really important reason to live. Reporter: Dr. Jen Arnold from "The little couple" is now in remission, cancer-free this morning and talking about it on camera for the first time with "Gma." This truly was a fight for your life. Yeah, I guess you might say that. Would you say that. No, definitely. Reporter: How are you feeling now? Now I'm feeling much better. I'm feeling obviously very happy. You look good. Thank you, yes, well, you know, I love my new hair. Reporter: In their sixth season airing March 4th on tlc the couple along with their adorable toddler will traveled to India to adopt 2-year-old Zoey seen here making her television debut. The family's second adoption in less than one year. But on the third day of their trip Jen's health took a turn for the worse. Doesn't seem like it's getting better honestly. It's not good. I started having some bleeding and then it got to be pretty excessive and I realized something was seriously wrong. Reporter: She was forced to fly home leaving bill and the kids behind. It was terrible. I just wanted it to be me instead of her and her to be with the kids. Reporter: Jen was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in her uterus stemming from a recent miscarriage, she quickly started aggressive chemotherapy and ended up having a hysterectomy to remove the tumor. I kept thinking I want to see will get married. I want to see Zoey get married. I want to see what they become when they grow up. Reporter: So she fought back with that signature smile and, of course, a healthy sense of humor. Even as she lost her hair. She's remarkably strong. She's like superwoman. You know, wonder woman has nothing on her. Oh, yeah, we're going to have a party at the zoo. Reporter: Now with will turning 4 years old, the supermom of two little ones is hoping for life to return to Normal. A lot of people in your situation I think it's totally understandable would say why me. Why did this happen to me? Occasionally I would think about that age then I kind of thought, why not? Ready for life to be boring, I guess. Good or bad, I want it to be none of this crazy excitement. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Abbie Boudreau, ABC news, Houston, Texas.

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{"id":22678424,"title":"Why 'The Little Couple' Star Jen Arnold Wants a 'Boring' Life","duration":"3:00","description":"The star of \"The Little Couple\" talks about her battle with rare uterine cancer.","url":"/GMA/video/jen-arnold-speaks-health-scare-22678424","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}