Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Secrets

The Hollywood superstar reveals all in the October issue of Redbook magazine.
2:28 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Secrets
heat index," jennifer aniston spilling her beauty secrets, including the tricks to the hair that's the envy of so many women. In the october issue of "redbook" magazine, the star talks about her affordable beauty routine. You took a look into this. I'll take my tips from jennifer aniston, because she's a red carpet icon and the girl next door. But this gorgeous superstar has beauty tips that are simple and affordable for every woman. Take a look. She is the envy of women everywhere. From her sweet style. To that flawless figure. To the luscious locks. She has such a youthful vibrancy about her. She looks almost the same today as she did ten years ago. Reporter: In a new interview with "redbook" magazine, jennifer aniston is stilling her secrets. The 44-year-old actress steers clear of the blow drier. Instead, she lets her hair air dry. It gives it the plump, full, lush appearance. Reporter: To style it? To get an everyday, manageable curl, just put it in two braids. And sleep on it that way. And you get that shape, sexy wave. Reporter: To find out more about how aniston maintains her style, I caught up with a beauty expert. Beauty tips. Yes. Reporter: Red lipstick. The a-lister says she cannot pull off the red lipstick. It's universal. But jen is right. A heavy, rich, matte lip is going to compete with her bronze skin. You can't rock the heavy red lips. Reporter: Aniston swears by petroleum jelly. This is one of the best p protectors around. Reporter: Beauty tips that will have you dazzling in seconds. We want to remind viewers that some of her tips are offlabel uses of the products. And consult a doctor before using. There's something fresh about her and likable. The guys are going outside with tory johnson right now.

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{"id":20303913,"title":"Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Secrets","duration":"2:28","description":"The Hollywood superstar reveals all in the October issue of Redbook magazine.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-anistons-beauty-secrets-20303913","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}