Jennifer Garner Says She's Put Career on Hold

Lesley Jane Seymour discusses what stories gripped the world during the past week.
3:01 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Jennifer Garner Says She's Put Career on Hold
Talking about it. Today, we're going to do it. Lesley jane seymour. Good to be here. Good to see you this morning. Here's one that caught our eyes. Ben affleck, getting so much buzz. Winning so many awards. "People" magazine has an article about ben and jen garner. She talks about how she's taking a step back in her career. Very modern. You have very strong feelings about this. Yes. We know it's hollywood. Let's wait and see. Give it five or six years and see if that works out. There's some couples who do a very good job of balancing this out. Somebody will go onair for a while and come off a movie. Look at kiera and her husband. And angelina and brad pitt do that. Some work it very well. In a modern world, you -- any two-career families are like that. If you want to have two careers. The only thing I will say about hollywood is, remember, you may not hear exactly what's going on yet. So, I say let's give a little while and see if it's working out. What do you mean? I'm always skeptical. These things, they look really good on the surface. And we'll see. Hopefully it works. One of the reasons that ben affleck -- he's in a sweet spot in his life. And a large part of that is he seems to be very happily married to the beautiful jennifer garner. It was going on before. I hope it's happy. I'm just a little skeptical. And a little jaded about hollywood. But we'll see. That's stunning. And lady gaga? Lady gaga is going to have hip surgery and months and months of rehab. She's huge. She's not going to be on tour for a long, long time. That really drives record sales. This is kind of a hit on her career. You know, these are tough moves. But americans love, you know -- they have a real passion for their stars. And when something goes wrong, we all know that. We'll take a backseat. And we're waiting for them to come back and we can't wait. And she's such a gigantic star. Can you imagine rehab? We have video of her. She doesn't stand at a microphone and sing. That's why she has the hip injury. Do come back from that -- I hear that you get some of the baseball players have the same injury from all of the movement. Maybe she just has to move less. You know? Maybe a little less movement. At 26? Oh, my goodness. Absolutely. Fans are very -- we're all die-hards. We love our stars. We love our music stars. We give them seven and eight chances to come back, even the ones that are self-destructing. I'm not worried for her. I'm a huge lady gaga fan. She's such a feminist at heart. Lesley jane seymour, thanks for cing on. We're going to the special

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{"id":18511225,"title":"Jennifer Garner Says She's Put Career on Hold","duration":"3:01","description":"Lesley Jane Seymour discusses what stories gripped the world during the past week.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-garner-career-lady-gaga-top-week-news-18511225","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}