Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Win: What's Next?

Chris Connelly looks at what the new "it girl" will do after her Oscar win.
2:04 | 02/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Win: What's Next?
And brand-new pictures overnight, that she's dyed her hair black as she getsdyo film the next "hunger games" movie. Chris connelly has the details. Jennifer lawrence. Reporter: Jennifer lawrence didn't just win an oscar. She won the whole oscar season. Every bit, the it girl next door. For her unpretentious exuberance. I'm sorry. I did a shot. Reporter: Gone viral and then some, backstage bante with three-time oscar winner, jack nicholson, during her interview with george stephanopoulos. Thank you. I don't mean to crash your interview. You're being really rude. I wanted to congratulate you. You look like an old girlfriend of mine. Do I look like a new girlfriend? I thought about it. Oh, my god. Is he still here? I'll be waiting. Oh, my gosh. Reporter: Even her occasional slip on awards show staircases. People are standing up because they feel bad that i FELL. Reporter: Only ratifying how refreshing she seems. A modeling contract, as the new face of miss dior, and a bright future on-screen. She is the hottest female entertainment star on the planet. She's an acting camilhameleonchameleon. But she doesn't take herself too seriously. Reporter: She has roles in two film franchis "the x-men" series and "the hunger game" trilogy, in which she will return as catness everdean. Post-oscar, the sky's the limit, for the young actress who began her career at age 6, playing an edgy role in a church play. My mom tells the story,he was playing a prostitute. I guess I had a feather boa. Story, anybody. Reporter: For "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":18597048,"title":"Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Win: What's Next?","duration":"2:04","description":"Chris Connelly looks at what the new \"it girl\" will do after her Oscar win.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lawrence-jack-nicholson-oscar-moment-creates-waves-18597048","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}