Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Ace Knute

Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
1:58 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Ace Knute
E congratulations to jessica simpson this morning. She gave birth yesterday to a little baby boy. His name, ace knute. Knute in honor of her husband's swedish -- not husband yet, as i recall, they're not married yet so a quick correction there. But his name honors eric's swedish grandfather and joins maxwell june who turned 1 in may and thought it would be a boy when she let the cat out the bag on "jimmy kimmel live." Now ace is here and all of us at "gma" want to say congratulations to all of you. Other another hit on his HAND WITH melissa McCarthy and "the heat." It beat "world war z" and "white house down." But it doesn't mean that she will go back for a second on everyone's favorite "bridesmaids." Kristen wiig put the kibosh on that even though she was offered the world to do it. She says money is just not what motivates her creative life and she knew making the first, that was it. Don't despair, wiig has several projects in the works including "anchorman 2" and something with bill hader. Magical news on channing tatum. You know he was here last week not that I noticed and he talked a little about his new film "white hown." Now sharing details about the sequel to his slice of cinematic perfection last year. Let's get video of what we're talking about here. Let's see video of "magic mike." Yeah, he may direct as well as star the sequel. He told "the hollywood reporter" the script is being written and there are some kinks to work out, his words, not mine.

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{"id":19541996,"title":"Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Ace Knute","duration":"1:58","description":"Lara Spencer explains what has people buzzing on the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-simpson-birth-baby-boy-ace-knute-19541996","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}