Is Jesus Christ Too Sexy in 'Son of God'?

"Son of God" attempts to appeal to a younger generation of moviegoers.
3:00 | 03/01/14

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Transcript for Is Jesus Christ Too Sexy in 'Son of God'?
Jesus, of course, spoke about compassion and humility but now some are asking will that message perhaps be muffled when delivered by an actor who looks like he could be a male model? Of course we're talking about "Son of god," first movie reduced by Roma Downey and mark Burnett. The couple aiming to appeal to a younger generation and now raising some eyebrows. ABC's Reena ninan is here with more on this story. How could this be controversial? Oh, boy, let me tell you the man generating the buzz is 34, telling ABC he's slightly embarrassed for all the attention he's getting. Even Oprah cowing him hot Jesus. When Jesus broke bread with his 12 disciples at the last supper and said -- This is my body. Reporter: This was not what the good lord meant. Meet Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado. Don't be afraid. Reporter: Appearing in the moved "Son of god." He plays the title role Jesus. Speaking with ABC's George stephanopoulos last week. I grew up as a Christian and I always think of Jesus as someone right next to us. Reporter: Attractive, ripped, gorgeous. Terms faithful followers don't typically apply to Christ. There is something unusual about him. Reporter: Twitter divided on the historical accuracy but both sides crowning him #hotjesus. But how does he stack up to others who have played the same role? There was Ted Neely in "Jesus Christ superstar." Jim caviezel in "The passion of the Christ" many agree with Morgado playing Jesus, Sunday school was never like this. There are going to be people who will say that the use of an attractive actor may detract from the film's ultimate story, but that being said I think given the success of the bible there's no way that this movie can reelfully flop. Reporter: Exactly what movie producers are hoping for. Blessed be the box office Hollywood Numbers. One of you will betray me. Reporter: The film debuts this weekend. Overnight we did speak with a biblical scholar, my mother, she goes to church every Sunday, reads the bible in multiple languages, I of course aed her how many types in the bible do they refer to Jesus' abs. She told me to to the asking ridiculous questions. Mom ninan. Our religious expert. Good to see you.

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{"id":22730266,"title":"Is Jesus Christ Too Sexy in 'Son of God'?","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Son of God\" attempts to appeal to a younger generation of moviegoers.","url":"/GMA/video/jesus-christ-sexy-son-god-22730266","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}