Jim Carrey on Reuniting With Steve Carrell in 'Burt Wonderstone'

Actor discusses working with his "Bruce Almighty" co-star on "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone."
4:07 | 03/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jim Carrey on Reuniting With Steve Carrell in 'Burt Wonderstone'
do the count again. Wasn't ready. I wasn't ready. Welcome to the best four minutes of your day right here. Jim carrey from "the incredible burt wonderstone." Here today. The pope has retired! The new pope has retired. There's breaking news from jim carrey right there. That's right. See, we were talking to steve carell yesterday and he laughed every time your name came up. He said the character you play and he's right about this, steve gray -- a defense mechanism. Brain -- yeah. Insane character. He's a beautiful ven galley control meister and he loves to get inside you and, you know, kind of undermine your confidence, you know, he feigns disdr. In the trappings of life and yet that's all he wants. Let's show. Sound familiar, george? It certainly does. I'm feeling it right now. It means I take people's night mayors and turn them into dream realities. What is a dream reality? And you are? Well, hold on a minute there, steve gray. You're telling us you don't know who he is? Never heard of him. We owe this man everything and you don't know who he is. I didn't say I don't know who he is. I said I've never heard of him. Your skin makes me cry. This is a floating thing hilarious. I'm on my tippy toes doing a fred flintstone out there and they wanted to put a truck under me with a crane and stuff like that, I said, no. Steve said so much of this came from you. Where did you pull this guy out offy. Well, you know, it's like years of psychology. You know, little spirituality thrown in there and those things together can be a dangerous weapon. Also one of the few scenes we saw where you wear a shirt. Yes, exactly. Yeah, I finally got to take my shirt off in a movie. Thank goodness. I hasn't done it before because matthew McConaughey was doing that everywhere. He's got that cornered. Not exactly magic mike but more tragic mike really. Pretty good shape and designed your own tattoo. Uh-huh. A bit of an artist and I've got to actually lend the tattoo to the movie company and design it myself and my makeup artist billy corso refined it together. Kind of cool. Also cool that you just announced this news that the pope has retired. Exactly. But before he retired we actually saw that sign yesterday on the sistine chapel, the seagulls. Everybody said it's a sign, crazy sign. We want it so bad to be a design. We do, don't we? It's amazing how much that seagull -- how much publicity that seagull got. I swear the next time they vote for a pope kim kardashian is going to be perched up there. Well, you know, dennis rodman was close by. Yeah. Exactly. That was really something. I also want to talk about a couple things coming up. You'll be back singing with the eels? Yeah, I got together to with the eels 0 do a song I wrote and it's called "cold dead hand" and -- charlton heston. Charlton heston is in there. He's in there, I did a charlton heston -- I don't know if we have that picture. It's not going to make him happy wherever he is and, yes. But to me comedy is the best way to deal with stuff and to me, you know, tragic circumstances as far as I'm concerned are an invitation from the universe to let go of old ways, you know, and kind of, you know, let go of our addiction to violence and our entitlement to it. I cannot wait to see it. Thank you for making us laugh. Great to see you. "The incredible burt wonderstone" starts on friday.

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{"id":18728560,"title":"Jim Carrey on Reuniting With Steve Carrell in 'Burt Wonderstone'","duration":"4:07","description":"Actor discusses working with his \"Bruce Almighty\" co-star on \"The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jim-carrey-interview-2013-gma-star-reuniting-steve-18728560","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}