J.J. Abrams Shares Secrets of 'The Force Awakens'

The director of the latest "Star Wars" movie discusses the making of the much buzzed-about movie.
5:12 | 11/30/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for J.J. Abrams Shares Secrets of 'The Force Awakens'
something many people all over the world. I cannot wait. To say fans are excited is an understatement. We're all counting down to the days. Of been transported back to the galaxy far far away. There are stories about what happened. Reporter: For millions of fans. It's true. All of it. Reporter: The wait is almost over. "Star wars: The force awakens" is being called the film of a generation. Give it everything you've got. Reporter: Promise never before seen special effects. Mind-blowing battles. And a whole new band of heroes. Finn. Amray. Reporter: Plus, the characters we all know and love. You're sure you're up for this? Reporter: Making history before the movie premiers. And J.J. Abrams here right now. Welcome. Sit fun to watch that? It's always amazing to see the footage exists. None of us have seen it. This is under such wraps. 18 days to go. Anything left to do? Are you sure 18 days. Pretty sure. 18, 17? It's been a long gestation period. I'm very much looking forward to the movie being out in the world. It's completely done. Yeah, yeah, we're done. No changes. No. Do you know something I don't know? I got a couple of notes. Bob iger is over here. Any new nugget you can share for all the fans? Here's the thing pip don't want to -- obviously ruin the movie for people. It's so important to us that we Noe not oversell it. Give too many details. Hard to oversell. It's true. Take us back. I love the story of you, 11 years old, waiting in line, back in L.A. For the premier of "Star wars." What happened that day? It was a mind-blowing thing. This movie, it was the first time that a film that was a fantasy movie looked so real. And so authentic. As funny and romantic and exciting and adventurous. Amazing characters. As a kid, it was literally a mind-blowing, mind-altering experience. That apco theater. That was the code name of the project? Yes. You did the "Star trek" movies as well. Is it true you actually said no when they first came to you? I did. It was something I loved so much and thought maybe would be just better to sort of just see it. Go to the theater and see it like everyone else. The truth is, Kathy Kennedy came to meet with me. The producer of the movie. We started talking about it. It was too LE dishes and exciting to pass up. She asked you a question, who is Luke skywalker? The idea that Luke skywalker now, nearly 40 years after the movie came out, I started thinking he would be as good of a myth to people 19, 20 years old. The idea of a new group of young people not knowing who he is or any of the characters were is the beginning of what became the story of the film. I wrote with Larry kasdan who wrote "Empire strikes back" and "Jedi." Who are you most excited to hear from after they see it? Chlt it was always a boy's thing. A movie that dads could take their sons to. It's still very much the case. I wouz hoping this would be a movie that mothers could take their daughters to, as well. I'm plook B looking forward to kids seeing this movie and seeing themselves in it. They're capable of doing things they never thought possible. Such an amazing cast led by Harrison Ford. You and he go way back. He starred in your second movie? I wrote regarding Henry. The great Mike Nichols directed it. To work with him again. To have him playing this krkt. It was surreal and wonderful. You have new characters and stars coming out. As well. Daisy ridley. The young lead in the movie along with John boyega. They're extraordinary. Oscar Isaac. Adam driver. An amazing, amassing cast. What are you hoping for that 11-year-old boy or girl that walks in and sees it for the first time? I hope they see a movie that tells them that life is full of unlimited possibility. There's a sense of incredible to use a George Lucas term, "Hope" in the world. And they feel better when they leave than when they got in there. I cannot wait to take my 11-year-old daughter. J.j. Abrams. Thank you. "Star wars: The force awakens" opens on the 18th.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"The director of the latest \"Star Wars\" movie discusses the making of the much buzzed-about movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35487119","title":"J.J. Abrams Shares Secrets of 'The Force Awakens'","url":"/GMA/video/jj-abrams-shares-secrets-force-awakens-35487119"}