'Fashion Police' Stars Throw Joan Rivers Birthday Bash

Comedian celebrates her 80th birthday along with her co-stars of hit show on E!
3:00 | 08/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Fashion Police' Stars Throw Joan Rivers Birthday Bash
Now we'll bring in bianna, she's sitting here, part of a big milestone for joan rivers, 80th birthday thrown by her friends on "fashion police." It was fun. A lot of fun. She's unfiltered and proud of it. Long before whoopi and ellen, there was joan, the first to fill in on a late-night comedy up with her on the set of the show she calls her baby, as she celebrated a milestone birthday. I'll give kim a six. Reporter: The show that celebrates, good and bad and ugly in fashion. George, kelly, giuliana and the gra grande dame, joan rivers. What does 80 mean to you? Nothing except that guy to a lot of funerals now and the minister's always saying she's in a better place and I'm nsaying that's not show strue she had a house in the hamptons. Cracking jokes, she barely stops for a moment. The executives drink, so they said, let her take over. Reporter: You have an acerbic tongue. My mission in life is to tell the truth and to say what others are thinking. Reporter: Never been a time you think maybe I went too far there? No, because if someone looks like garbage they should be told it. Reporter: Joan wasn't shy when it comes to talking about herself. Do you regret any of the work you've had done? Oh, no, of course not. Anything that anybody does that makes them feel better about themselves, do it. Reporter: Each week she friends she's at home with the viewers saying what she would at home on your living room coach. Are you rooting for the celebrities or hoping they'll fail? Some but others I say thank god for helena bonham carter. Reporter: I don't see any chemistry. Really difficult to get along. Why is it that joan can get way with everything she says? I don't think anybody else could? Because she's joan rivers. One of the greate eest comediennes of all time. Reporter: She's their den mother. I love her. Thank you. People ask me what is it like to work withover rivers? Is in real life like she is on camera? Yes, she is in the sense that she's so fun loving and hilarious but the mosturturing woman you'll every meet. I went through a lot of health issues and joan could not have been more -- compassicompassionate? Reporter: Through tough times with her batting with breast cancer and infertility and kelly's recent seizure while filming "fashion police?" What was that like to watch? It's very hard, we're like family. We know we're lucky. I've been up, down, fired and when you're in a good moment, working with good people, what did do you for your bith drthday? I worked, I was lucky. Reporter: I never thought i would start crying. Very sweet and close to the people on the show and at 80, no plans to slow down. That authenticity that people love. She tells it like it is. About that weather, sam?

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{"id":19390767,"title":"'Fashion Police' Stars Throw Joan Rivers Birthday Bash","duration":"3:00","description":"Comedian celebrates her 80th birthday along with her co-stars of hit show on E!","url":"/GMA/video/joan-rivers-birthday-fashion-police-stars-throw-host-19390767","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}