Jodi Arias Testifies in Her Murder Trial

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the trial of the woman accused of killer her ex.
3:55 | 02/05/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Testifies in Her Murder Trial
For more, let's turn to our legal team. Nancy grace and dan abrams, "gma's" legal analyst. Dan, obviously, this has been an uphill battle for the defense. What do you mak of arias' testimony on the stand? I said from the beginning this is a terrible defense. They've made almost no progress thus far. But jodi arias is a great witness. She's a great liar. But she's a great witness. She looks over at the jury at the right times. She pauses at the right times. She thinks at the right times. She looks like a librarian. She is a great witness. Now, I don't know that that's going to hold up on cross-examination. I would doubt it very highly. But they had to put her on the stand for this defense. And considering only seeing two hours of her direct examination, I think she's done perfectly well. Her attorney had her admit right away, that she killed travis alexander. What do you think of her Well, frankly, after watching her on the stand for two hours, I liked her ninja story much better. When she was talking to "inside edition" or "48 hours" when she told the story of the man and woman clad in solid black who came in and murdered travis, as she watched and escaped with her life. She was much more believable then. Yesterday, she would look at her lawyer. And then, robotically turn to lawyer. I mean, a mannequin at saks fifth avenue had more life and more feeling. Remember, dan, this is a woman who started crying in front of the jury when she saw a picture of a dog. So, when she was trying to remember her own story, she was extremely robotic. I didn't view it as robotic. I watched the whole testimony. I thought if you take away everything that has actually been said and you take away the content of her story, which i agree with you, claiming that this is somehow, now, a suicide as opposed to her claiming she was innocent is impossible to believe. Buwitness, I didn't view her as robotic. I thought she was actually -- dan, dan, dan, you're under her spell. I am. She got to you. She did. I am. The jodi arias mojo has gotten you. I could have been her next victim. The abuse. She said her mom spanked her with a wooden spoon. I had to go pick a switch -- my own switch off a tree for my grandmother. I don't think a wooden spoon is going to make a lot of difference. Maybe the father slapping her when she stayed out all night. That might get to a jury. And every boyfriend she's had. He cheats or he'terrible. And I'm sure they're going to paint travis alexander in the same stroke. They are. And this is the sort of thing where they could have decided to wait until the penalty phase to have her testify about this, right? They did this earlier than usual. And the attorney tried to diffuse one comment, saying she would never be ted. When she had an earlier interview saying, I'm completely innocent. I'll never be convicted. Was it believable, saying she was contemptlating suicide? It's like she's saying it in a vacuum. She's saying, I'm innocent. And no jury will convict me. That's exactly right, dan. She said no jury will convict me. I'm innocent. Travis knows I'm innocent. That's why they won't convict me. Can you see back in the attorney conference room. Let's see -- they won't convict me because I'm truthful. That won't work. Because I was going to commit suicide. We're going to have much more. He's got to be careful -- i think not to go at her. They'll be able to get her on the facts. He shouldn't be too aggressive. I'm sure we'll be back, revisiting this soon. Dan, nancy, thank you for being with us. We appreciate it.

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{"id":18408447,"title":"Jodi Arias Testifies in Her Murder Trial ","duration":"3:55","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the trial of the woman accused of killer her ex.","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-trial-dan-abrams-nancy-grace-analyze-18408447","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}