'Look Who's Talking' Reunion: Travolta, Alley Reunite on Set

Co-stars of hit '90s comedies come together on the set of Kirstie Alley's TV Land show.
3:48 | 08/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Look Who's Talking' Reunion: Travolta, Alley Reunite on Set
kirstie alley, reunited again. So popular on screen in the "look who's talking" comedies. They're back together again for her new sitcom. And abc's bianna golodryga has it all. Taxi? Reporter: From the moment she got into his cab. They became the couple we loved to watch fall in love. And raise a family in "look who's talking." Low-five. Reporter: Now, 24 years since that first movie, kirstie alley and john travolta are together again, on the set of her new tv land show "kirstie." What are your favorite memories from "look who's talking"? We're supposed to do a dance. Right? He's doing all these movies, an iconic dancer. He changes the course of history with his dances. We're supposed to do a dance together. And I was really cocky. He goes, look, which one of us has done these movies? And I go, I don't care. I'm going to dance. And I can dance with the best of And I was acting like that. Boom, I slap him. I throw on my sunglasses. Reporter: But everything was leading up to that first kiss. When you went to kiss me the first time, I turned into barbra streisand. I know. He wouldn't stay serious. During a kissing scene. It's hard enough. And he would start -- papa, can you hear me? John, I have to kiss you. And I'd be serious. And he'd come in for the kiss -- ♪ papa can you hear me ♪ papa can you hear me? That scene took two days to shoot. Reporter: Their chemistry hasn't gone anywhere. Now, that's entertainment. Reporter: How long have you known each other? 67 years. Reporter: You guys look great. Their offscreen friendship has been going strong ever since that first movie. You know that's breast milk? Reporter: As family grew, turned into a second. And then, the third. What is it about the chemistry the two of you have that works so well on camera? What do you think? I don't know. I think we like each other. I think we like each other. Barbara walters said, who is the one who got away? The love of your life. He sort of is the love of my life. It's evolved. There was a time when I thought I wanted to marry him. One little glitch. Reporter: Semantics. Did you know this at the time? I fell in love with kirstie at a particular time. Reporter: But they always stayed just friends. We had to evolve into friends. Now, his wife is my best girlfriend. And it's sort of -- that's how it evolved, right? Kirstie was a person I could have fun with and play with. You know, that's -- she's a playmate. Hot momma. You're a goof ball. Reporter: Is there any question you wanted to be asked by an interviewer? Do my muscles bother you? Reporter: I'm staring at them throughout the entire interview. After all these years, still playing. For "good morning america," bianna golodryga, los angeles. A lot of fun. Thanks for that. Her new sitcom, kirstie alley plays a broadway star that has a fling with a theater stagehand. Wh could go wrong? Her show, "kirstie," december 4th. She will tweet you. All right.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Co-stars of hit '90s comedies come together on the set of Kirstie Alley's TV Land show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19956624","title":"'Look Who's Talking' Reunion: Travolta, Alley Reunite on Set","url":"/GMA/video/john-travolta-kirstie-alley-reunite-set-recall-kiss-19956624"}