Jose Baez Analyzes George Zimmerman Verdict

Casey Anthony's defense lawyer discusses the Trayvon Martin Case.
2:42 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for Jose Baez Analyzes George Zimmerman Verdict
For anybody ever heard of George -- there was another headline grabbing case -- a Florida that had a firm grip on the national consciousness the Casey Anthony Trout you of course is the young mother. Accused of killing her two year old daughter Caylee and like -- Zimmermann case. Her acquittal sparked extremely strong -- -- joining us now Casey Anthony's defense attorney Jose -- Jose thanks for joining us good morning. Good morning -- what's your reaction let me just start by asking -- -- what is your reaction to this verdict. I was a surprise for a second to there was a reason law enforcement didn't arrest George Zimmermann and there was a reason the prosecutor. In Seminole County refuse to file charges and that's because they just simply didn't have the evidence now that doesn't mean. The mr. Zimmerman was innocent. But -- -- there was no eyewitnesses and there was only one person's account and no other forensic evidence contradicted so. I was a surprise for a second. So do you think there should be no legal ramifications for George -- and then even after having shot and killed an unarmed seventeen year old boy. Why don't think that at all but in order to convict someone in this country you have to have a little thing called evidence and sometimes it's very difficult to do. Our laws set up in a certain way word tells us we don't have the ability to go back and find out exactly what occurred. On certain days so they set up certain standards to ensure. Against wrongful convictions. Not you know this this case. It was clearly weak from the beginning if they the prosecutor set up unrealistic expectations. And they just couldn't deliver. And it. They -- it really isn't surprising misses the weakest high profile case I've ever seen you know something about representing. Very controversial people and high profile cases what do you think. Your former client Casey Anthony would advise somebody like George -- about leading life with some semblance of normalcy in the wake of a trial like this. I don't think Casey fifth and tries mr. Zimmerman. On any thing. -- it mainly because these are two separate cases. What you know that both both of these individuals won't be able to live a normal life ever again they are forever etched in history. And they we'll have to go and live quiet lives somewhere and try and do something with their lives. I I certainly hope that that mr. Zimmerman it's been given a second chance. He does something good -- it. Forever etched in history. And no hope for a little hope -- living a normal life it is. Very interesting to hear that especially from your perspective Jose -- thank you very much for joining us on this very busy Sunday morning we appreciate it. Thanks for having --

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{"id":19661171,"title":"Jose Baez Analyzes George Zimmerman Verdict","duration":"2:42","description":"Casey Anthony's defense lawyer discusses the Trayvon Martin Case.","url":"/GMA/video/jose-baez-analyzes-george-zimmerman-verdict-19661171","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}