Josh Hutcherson dishes on 'Future Man' live on 'GMA'

The actor said the plot of "Future Man" is similar to "The Last Starfighter" from 1984, but added, "If you talk about it, it's OK to plagiarize."
3:48 | 11/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Hutcherson dishes on 'Future Man' live on 'GMA'
Josh Hutcherson took over the big screen in "The hunger ga games." Now he's in "Future man." Welcome, Josh. What's up? We're heading into the holiday season. I know you're heading home to Kentucky to celebrate with your family. No Turkey for you this year. It's really -- I started like trying to eat a plant-based diet this year and Turkey does not fit into that category. So being vegan for this holiday season might be tough. However, I'm going to be like the Turkey only ate grass or, you know what I mean so -- We can -- We don't eat grass -- Close enough for me. There is tofurkey. Tofurkey. Tofurkey. That sounds like a real word. There you go. Very funny on "Kimmel" talking about Christmas and the holidays. Your great grandmother. We always do an ugly Christmas sweater contest and take it seriously. We have a little picture of it. And, yeah, we take it up a notch as you can see but I want to show everybody your great grandmother because she not only wears it she makes it and takes it to a whole new level. Jimmy will show a picture of it here. She knitted like nude men. Yeah. In -- I want to you picture that woman sitting next to a roaring fireplace watching "Murder she wrote" knitting the groin region of the man on the sweater. I tell you what, she's good. She doesn't mess around. She doesn't mess around, yeah. She's the best. What is this we hear you're now an Kentucky colonel. Yeah, Kentucky colonel. I don't know what that means exactly but I have a plaque that says I'm a Kentucky colonel. I don't know if it's good for kfc buckets or -- I haven't tried to wield its power yet. I tell you, I think it means they're proud of you in the state of Kentucky where you're from. Your TV show "Future man." On hulu. Yes. And you play this -- you play a janitor who still lives at home with his family and all you do is play video gape there is yes. But your video gape stikills are so good you're recruited to the future to save humanity. Before this how were they. Very good. I'm an actor. I want to show everybody the clip. In the show two time travelers come back from the future to recruit you to help stop the man who ends up destroying municipalitity. Did I set it up right? Yes. Did you guys ever think that I'd be doing something more with my life. What are you talking about, joshy. You work for one of the top sexual disease centers in the country. Every day you walk into work you're curing disease. I'm not curing disease. But you're cleaning up after the people who are. And literally anybody could do that job. That's funny. That's beginning of where it guess a lot of places. This show was basically like the last star fighter from the '80s borrows a lot from old movies. It's okay to borrow. It is as long as you like admit it in the show becauser O's like, oh, that's exactly "Last star fighter." If you talk about it it's okay to plagiarize. It's called honoring. Turkeys don't eat grass and plagiarism is not okay. And know Josh is a colonel. Great to see you back. So happy you came back here.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The actor said the plot of \"Future Man\" is similar to \"The Last Starfighter\" from 1984, but added, \"If you talk about it, it's OK to plagiarize.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51130137","title":"Josh Hutcherson dishes on 'Future Man' live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/josh-hutcherson-dishes-future-man-live-gma-51130137"}