Jury Deliberates Fate of Antifreeze Poisoning Suspect

Holly McFeeture is on trial for allegedly poisoning her fiancé's iced tea six years ago.
1:55 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Jury Deliberates Fate of Antifreeze Poisoning Suspect
to the case we've been following with the mother charged wit killing the father of her children, by lacing his iced tea with antifreeze. Gio benitez has the details. Reporter: This morning, the jury may decide the fate of holly McFeeture, accused of killing matt podolack, one glass at a time. They have his iced tea, side-by-side, with a normal glass. You can't tell the difference. No possible way to know that someone was poisoning him. He fell in love with the wrong woman. She was toxic to him. Reporter: In 2006, living in this cleveland home with their children, podolack got violently ill. The 31-year-old navy veteran died just days later. The cause, ethylene glycol, the chemical in antifreeze. SIX YEARS LATER, McFEETURE WAS Arrested. But the defense says, he killed himself. Dr. Robert buck refused his medical records. Saying the documents suggest he intentionally followed antifreeze. There's reasonable doubt that maybe this antifreeze was ingested at one time. Reporter: They said that McFEETURE COLLECTED PODOLACK Life's insurance policy. McFEETURE PLED NOT GUILTY. Her defense team says there's no evidence she killed podolack. You have to put to rest this family's tragedy. For almost almost, gio benitez. How will and kate will

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{"id":19744317,"title":"Jury Deliberates Fate of Antifreeze Poisoning Suspect","duration":"1:55","description":"Holly McFeeture is on trial for allegedly poisoning her fiancé's iced tea six years ago.","url":"/GMA/video/jury-deliberates-fate-antifreeze-poisoning-suspect-19744317","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}