Jury's Out: Going Dutch on Engagement Rings

ABC's Dan Abrams sparks debate on today?s most provocative topics.
5:04 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for Jury's Out: Going Dutch on Engagement Rings
"The jury's out" day with dan abrams. Third appearance in the show. It's good morning, abrams. First up on the docket. An opinion piece in this week's "wall street journal," argues that home economics, from grocery shopping to cooking to meal planning, should be part of the basic course work for middle and high school students across the country. My take I get this it's helpful to have our kids learn to eat better. But is there nothing that parents are still responsible for teaching? Are we going to teach etiquette at and setting the table, too? I totally disagree with you. It's never a bad idea whether at home or at school, good manners. It's not in lieu of. It's addition to. We're going to have a course in school called etiquette? Why is that such a bad idea? We have such etiquette right now. By the way, it's called family and consumer science here. Life skills. You want to do anything you can to help kids get through that. Certain things I agree with. Budget, et cetera. But the idea that you have to teach kids in school how to cook and go shopping, et cetera -- why can't the parents teach anything? It's not saying they're not. There's mathematics. There's practical planning. I think it's another way to teach life lessons. It's a class that everyone can take, I think it's okay. I think it's all right. You know, let's go to the social screen. Jennifer warren hoskinnison, good idea to teach some basics. You need to know how to do this. How to do laundry. We're raising a nation of helpless idiots. Everyone disagrees with me. Next up on the docket. Many women splitting the cost of the engagement rings. That has traditionalists up in arms. Call me a marital scrooge. But the man paying for the ring and the woman's family paying for the wedding are so outdated. Rings are more than a gift. Civilry isn't dead. It can be impractical. You're saying don't split it? Or split it? I say split it. What's the problem with splitting? Elliott? Jennifer's furious about this. She was going crazy. You're not going to say splitting the cost of the ring. If the woman wants something in particular -- I'm going to -- I think we're going to get a common response here. I'm going to guess somebody responded with a variation of, when we split childbirth -- oh. Yeah. That's right. You're exactly right. You didn't read these before. From twitter, at angry suburban mom. Women should go dutch on engagement rings when men can get pregnant and give birth and when women are paid equally. Oh. Angry suburban mom, we love you. Facebook, michel martin. If you love the guy enough, it really doesn't matter. It's the wedding band that counts. That's nice. Next up, probably my favorite topic of the day. Walmart pulled a little girls' costume called naughty lend. The costume wasn't revealing or suggestive. But the word naughty. Is that the costume? Just offends the senses. But this pet stop deluxe love bug and supertutu are available. Naughty can mean a lot of things. Maybe naughty doesn't mean what adults think it means. Right. so much I want to say right now. By the way -- we go to social, lara. Facebook. Sandy rhodes. The word naughty should never be used to describe a child's halloween costume. That's common sense, not p.C. On twitter, adults overthink way too much. They did a poll on this. Should walmart have pulled the children's naughty leopard costume from stores? I'm going to think they didn't see the child costume. There's so many child costumes that are inappropriate. I'm sorry, by naughty maid would be inappropriate. You couldn't leave it. It was fun, guys. Be right back. Thanks, dan. Hi, everybody.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"ABC's Dan Abrams sparks debate on today?s most provocative topics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20442472","title":"Jury's Out: Going Dutch on Engagement Rings","url":"/GMA/video/jurys-dutch-engagement-rings-20442472"}