Jury's Out: Is a Happy Husband the Secret to a Happy Marriage?

ABC's Legal Analyst Dan Abrams tackles all the exciting topics trending now.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Transcript for Jury's Out: Is a Happy Husband the Secret to a Happy Marriage?
That one but we do have a debate in "The jury's out" and that's why Dan Abrams is back with us. Original composition. For "Jury's out." No, involved in making the music for "Square a out." First up, the key to a long-term relationship. Wondering what it is. Uncovered by researchers. They say the key is the husband's happiness and good health. That's right. For heterosexual couples who have been together for a long time, the conflict came only when the guy wasn't happy. If the woman was ill or ornery the relationship was -- What happens -- -- Fine. What happens to when momma's not happy, nobody is happy. That's how it goes in my house. The guy, I mean this, is so shameful for the men. You know, one of these things where men tend to whine more like when men get a little sick they say, I have a virus or as opposed to like a little cold or, you know, it's -- I'm very ashamed of all men. Josh. I -- I think men's pain thresholds a little lower. Yes, they are. I do. Someone else gets a cold I get blamed for -- You're in a household of women. That's right. Ellie says, is this because women know how to compromise and men do not. I think that may be part of it, by the way. Ellie, thank you, good one. Renee Mcmillan says "It obviously does not apply to me. If I am not happy, I am not staying." I like that. Boom. All right, cyst iter. Doesn't matter the gender. It takes two to make something work, period. I agree. I think we should recuse ourselves from this. I don't know. This is the definition of a no win. Jessica alba take heat for an interview with "People" magazine where she says her 5-year-old likes to wear heels and dresses and jokingly says she wishes she would dress her age. The mommy police came out in force blasting her saying she's responsible for what her child wears. What -- is there any issue with a child wearing heels? Depends where you're wearing them. My daughters love to walk around but I don't want them walking around town. 5 1/2. Sarina doesn't have any heels. They take my shes. Fine, so if they want to toddle around in like mom's heels or big sister's heels to play in, fine. But what wearing -- 5-year-old shes. What about heels -- When you go to the store, you see all of them on display. These wedge heels everywhere. It's hard not to find them. I was apawed at how many I saw. Their little ankles. Stacy says "Little girls shouldn't wear heels unless they're playing dress up. They have their whole lives to be uncomfortable." Always weighs in. Maybes the show all the time. I don't know if p.j.guagliano does "Most little girls clomp around in heel as at that age. When I was little my mom bought me little last pick heels to wear. Harmless." Next up the ncaa does not want you betting in your office pool for the upcoming basketball tournament. On their website they warn of the grave dangers and even small wager which they remind us is illegal. Quote, ncaa believes it should be played for the benefits of watching and not how much is lost or won on the outcome. The ncaa. Going to make billions off the tournament itself. And the players don't make any money, right? And they're -- this is an organization -- Wow. That takes some nerve. I mean, I don't like betting. I will say that. I'm not a big better of things like that. I don't do the pool because it takes away my joy in watching the games but for the ncaa to be the ones saying this. Legal question. Do they have onto put that up there. They're not liable to have a tournament. The ncaa has so many other issues to deal with before they start moralizing about what people are doing in their office pools and at home with their buddies that I agree. This is quickly Facebook, Nancy "I agree. As a manager I was completely against betting. It was a huge distraction, reports of how productivity suffers during these games is reason enough for companies to forbid the activity at work." Come on, scrooge. Melanie "Like making that statement is going to stop it from happening." Lol. Lol. Thank you, Dan. We actually miss -- I'll bring that one back in. The one about the -- Yes. We'll bring that up. I have an opinion on that. All right. Not letting the viewers this on what we're talking about. The selfie. We have some secrets to

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Legal Analyst Dan Abrams tackles all the exciting topics trending now.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22965935","title":"Jury's Out: Is a Happy Husband the Secret to a Happy Marriage?","url":"/GMA/video/jurys-happy-husband-secret-happy-marriage-22965935"}