Kaci Hickox 'Humbled' by Court's Decision

The nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa spoke to the press soon after a judge ruled that she can leave her home.
3:00 | 10/31/14

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Transcript for Kaci Hickox 'Humbled' by Court's Decision
A and humbled today. By the judge's decision. And even more humbled by the support that we have received. From the town of fort cans. The state of Maine across the US. And even across the blow. I know that evil is a scary disease. I have seen it face to face. And I know that we are nowhere near winning this battle. We will only win this battle as we continue this discussion. As we gain a better collective understanding about Ebola and public health. As we overcome this fear. And most importantly. As we end to the outbreak that is still ongoing in West Africa today. To my fellow health care workers in West Africa. Both national and international staff to risking their lives to fight this disease today. My thoughts and prayers. And gratitude remain with you and it has been a privilege. To work with you and I know that as a global community. Weaken in people. Thank you very much. He did you me nearly. This is incorrect information and I guess it happens sometimes there's incorrect information that I don't want to focus on that today I wanna focus on the fact that we are really good decisions that offers. Inhuman treatment to health care workers coming back. After working to fight this terrible. US. UVs and here's in this community what happens. You know II a completely understand that and I am sensitive this is. One of the reasons I'm saying this battle isn't over we still need to continue this discussion. We still needed continue educating ourselves. And I don't want to make any went and comfortable. I think so people are and in I have done a lot of respect to this community. We care about the community I you know I'm a nurse and a public health worker I don't want to make people uncomfortable. It was an amazing in fact I just had another piece this morning. That news. This is a good question I am taking things minute by minute tonight by an attorney convince Ted to make me my favorite Japanese meal. And I think we're gonna want to scary movie citizen I Halloween. I am very satisfied with the decision. You know these that the three. Points that he is still recommending that I abide by or three points that I believe is part of this. Good compromise that we can they I have been. Compliant with the direct active monitoring that the CDC recommends I will continue to be compliance. And yes it's just that good a good day. Clinton. You know I I don't really have a comment for governor page. I'm not renown that went them. We will see I hope so I I love working overseas it's been large part of my life since 2006. And there's just probably never gonna be a time in my life that I would say it wouldn't go back. Care and rightly thinks that I'm taking things minute I think you do that and her. Well we don't AT&T currently is we had been shopping for awhile but and think you all so much. I really appreciate it and happy Halloween. You look.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa spoke to the press soon after a judge ruled that she can leave her home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26608582","title":"Kaci Hickox 'Humbled' by Court's Decision","url":"/GMA/video/kaci-hickox-reacts-to-court-decision-26608582"}