Middleton a Trendsetter Through Last Days of Pregnancy

Duchess of Cambridge's fashion choices continue to be eyed by fashionistas worldwide.
2:26 | 07/12/13

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Transcript for Middleton a Trendsetter Through Last Days of Pregnancy
Bumping off our heat index this morning -- weren't allowed look at a print Netscape maternity fashion because we can he Nino effect growing baby bump she's been the trend setter. Right through the final days -- from pregnancy. ABC's -- ankle injury -- has the story. Even in the final few days of her pregnant -- -- showed no signs of slowing down on the mountains runs. Rocking everything from summer dresses -- scored for just 79 dollars. -- -- Team has style which is quite -- to patent -- soon says royal expert Victoria Murphy will come the ultimate fashion challenged. Figuring out what to Wear -- emerges from Saint Mary's hospital. And -- -- her newborn baby and will post baby body was the first time. Well I'm sure -- has crossed the laughs about it out and -- -- -- seen enough to seek fast. When -- left that same hospital three decades ago with baby William Hudson her arms she famously wore a shapeless dress. -- is expected to go for a -- sleeker look. Join the growing ranks of new moms who feel intense pressure to look fabulous just days after delivering -- -- Apartment -- of London's. Fashion that filthy -- -- -- fourth trimester fashions prominent young -- of Britain are currently sporting -- be considered good options for a new mom. These would be great options but just as important as what young moms Wear on the outside -- Sophie is what they Wear underneath. The US success was -- Mike Dayton. Any fashionable women who couldn't be seen. Without missing -- chance -- Harris -- whether -- might do this name is unclear but one thing is certain. He's expected to look divine especially when she follows in the -- of Diana. And takes a front and center seat of the babies highly anticipated christening likely to take place this fall. So I think any photograph to more than -- it's going to be this royal baby so we did do some shopping take a look without -- royals snugly here for the baby. A diaper bag. Little -- is. Great for this future monarch. Not back to you -- -- record ticking. We're in for your time I think you're such an American tourist and I'll call and eyewitness -- -- -- -- much beyond we can't -- to talk about 81 thing mansion coming up next.

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{"id":19648734,"title":"Middleton a Trendsetter Through Last Days of Pregnancy","duration":"2:26","description":"Duchess of Cambridge's fashion choices continue to be eyed by fashionistas worldwide.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-baby-trendsetter-days-pregnancy-19648734","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}