Katherine Heigl Launches Line of Products for Needy Pets

Star discusses her foundation that focuses on a spay/neuter initiative, training program for owners.
3:31 | 02/11/13

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Transcript for Katherine Heigl Launches Line of Products for Needy Pets
From popes and power rangers, we turn to an emmy award winning actress, animal advocate, entrepreneur, mother, and a brave woman who brought some of her friends with her. You have a new pet product. You and your current life, seven dogs, three cats. Yeah. Two kids. Is it fair to say you and josh share their home? Pretty much. Pretty much. Josh's perpetual statement is there are too many heart beats in our house. Do you see a dog and not remember name. Just say, dog, you! No, I'm good with the names. Sometimes the kids I mix up. It's a line of products. The just one line of pet products. This is something my mother and I started developing. We started the foundation in my brer's name four years ago. Funding projects we believe in for our shelter systems. They're really, really bad. So many an millioimals coming in. So many getting euthanized. We were running out of money. We needed to come up with something to generate some funds for the foundation. The idea behind the collar was that, you know, it's -- makes a statement. Sort of like the live strong bra bracelet. This is the jason davis heigl foundation. What does that mean to you? It was my mother's brain child. In her mind, it was that this -- my brother died very young, at 16. And he wasn't able to live long enough to give himself a legacy. So this was her idea to give him s legacy. He was a real -- man activist. A people activist. He was a peace lover. And really compassionate, decent guy. This would have meant a lot to him. You mentioned the plight of so many animals. There's a spay-neuter initiative. No questions asked. It's an important part of getting people to come in. Just bring your dog, show up. You don't need to bring tax information, income information, you don't need to have an address. In californiae have decreased the intake in shelters by 14%. Some of the zip codes we're working with, we have decreased the intake by 19%. So we're winning. You have all of this. Tell us about your project. It's called a moment to remember. Ben loan is directing. I'm very excited. And so you shall. Take a break, perhaps from 27 dog, 16 cats. Mommy has to go to work, kids. This is great work. Can't wait to see you back on the screen. Thank you for being here. Thank you for having me.

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{"id":18465026,"title":"Katherine Heigl Launches Line of Products for Needy Pets","duration":"3:31","description":"Star discusses her foundation that focuses on a spay/neuter initiative, training program for owners.","url":"/GMA/video/katherine-heigl-launches-line-products-needy-pets-18465026","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}