Katy Perry Roars Her Way to Top with Eighth Number One Single

Perry proves she's more than just a teenage dream with chart-topping hits.
5:49 | 09/06/13

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Transcript for Katy Perry Roars Her Way to Top with Eighth Number One Single
Interesting to see how the movie does. Katy perry sure has something to roar about. The new song is officially her eighth number one single. And with nearly 600,000 digital downloads the week it was released, nielsen rates it the highest digital debut of anything this year. Before she comes out and chats with us, let's look at how she's accomplished a teenage dream and a whole lot more. ♪ Reporter: She's the california girl who makes unforgettable anthems. ♪ Baby, you're a firework ♪ Reporter: Three albums and eight number one singles, katy perry is a force to be reckoned with. ♪ This is the part of me that you never thought ♪ ♪ can take away from me ♪ Reporter: Tackling the charts and the box office. See you later. Reporter: Loaning her voice to "the smurfs" movie. Taking her fans on her concert tour. Thank you so much for believing in my weirdness. ♪ Teenage dream ♪ Reporter: Even making chart history. Becoming the first woman to have six number one hits on one album alone. ♪ I've got the eye of the tiger ♪ Reporter: Now, she has her eye on even higher sights. Her latest single, "roar" has gone platinum. And it's topping billboard's hot 100 charts. Already quickly becoming an anthem. Let's bring on the chart-topping katy perry. Thank you. So kind of you. That's how we roll. Katy pushes back on skatety for her live walk. Katy, we've been showing a snippet from "roar." It's a jungle out there. You are the queen. Thank you. Give us more of the concept behind the video. Well, the song is called "roar." It says I have the eye of the tiger. And I can be louder than a lion. I love a theme, just like "good morning america" loves a theme. And so, I decided to be queen of the jungle. And we shot this music video in los angeles. It looks like you went to hawaii to shoot this video. But we found this place in arcadia. And it was an arberitum. And we brought in these animals that had been rescued and adopted. And there's one animal in particular, suzy, an elephant. We were in this gorgeous garden with prehistoric plants that we can't touch. And suzy is an elephant. She comes stomping in. And it's a big buffet for her. She is eating plants of one of a kind. People are melting. And I'm sitting back saying try to stop the elephant. Not my fault. It looked like fun. He does a thing called self-anointing, which is basically, he burros in you and gets really close. And he puts his arm all over you. And it's a self-anointing thing. But he wants to get all of your stank on him. Yeah. Wow. He puts it all over his hair because he wants that smell. You know. I'm a girl. I like to -- I think that he just wanted my smell. In the video, you salvage your hair brush and your cell phone. I was in a plane crash. I still have to look good. We were wondering, in real life, god forbid, what would be the item you salvage. Goodness. I would probably -- a cell phone would be pragmatic. A brush, maybe not. I probably would not -- maybe a brush. I don't know. But I think maybe some lip moisturizer. If we're on an island, it's going to be dry. It is. And I guess that. But let's throw it over to you. The monkey would be happy if you had more. I have a part in the video where I use pomegranate to make some lipstick. Nourishing. Desperate times call for -- i don't know. It's like "survivor" mixing with "lost." A girl has to make it work. When you tweet 42 million people and counting check their phones. Can you imagine the heck i get when I put you're and their in the wrong places? My grammer. I get a little bit of -- they don't get you on grammar, do they? For typos. There's 42 million of you out there. There's one duet when you said you gave a nudge to. And it was a good friend to this show and a man who has an incredible personality and sense of humor, john mayer. Are there more duets? Well, there's a lot of collaboration. But the duet is called "do you love." And it's on his new record that just came out. It's called "paradise valley." It's a spectacular record. I'm such a fan. I've been a fan of his for a long time. And I was honored when he asked me to sing and write on it. It's a beautiful song. He's a talented guy. I want to say quickly, a lot of young daughters at this table. Thank you so much. It's nice to have a positive and such a noble figure for them to enjoy so much.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Perry proves she's more than just a teenage dream with chart-topping hits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20176239","title":"Katy Perry Roars Her Way to Top with Eighth Number One Single","url":"/GMA/video/katy-perry-roars-top-eighth-number-single-20176239"}