Westgate Mall: Attackers Rented Store to Keep Weapons

New details and stories of survival emerge after officials take control of a Kenyan mall.
2:18 | 09/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Westgate Mall: Attackers Rented Store to Keep Weapons
Now, to the terrorist attack in kenya. The latest death toll at 61. Dozens still missing. Three days of national mourning set to begin for the victims. We learn more about the amazing survival stories, as well. Reporter: There were gunshots coming from the mall again this morning. A government spokesman said it was troops going from room-to-room, to clear it out. And this morning, there's dramatic new information about the attackers planned the attack on the mall from inside for months. The aftermath of the siege. Forensics teams are now scouring the rubble for the bodies of civilians and terrorists, buried after three floors of the mall collapsed. As kenyan troops cleared the mall, black plumes of smoke rose. This morning, we're learning more about how the terrorists pulled off the attack. For three months, they operated a store inside the mall, where they may have stashed weapons. From there, they were able to carry out reconnaissance and study the building's layout. It's believed some of the attackers packed a change of clothes. There's stunning stories and images of survival. This family, playing dead until a plain clothes police officer comes to their rescue. A survive says he spoke to the gunman. He asked, is this your woman? I said, yes. He said, ask her to cover up. And then, he pointed the gun and said, leave. Reporter: This 19-year-old hid from the attackers for four hours under a pile of suitcases. While in hidiing her brothers texted her. He sent her an islamic prayer to memorize. And then, there's american bendita malakia, now back on u.S. Soil. She says she hid in the back room of a home goods store for nearly five hour, while the terrorists attacked. Explosions started. It was scary. Reporter: The big question now is who exactly carried out this attack? And american forensics teams will be here, helping their kenyan counterparts to figure that out. So well planned for so long. Thanks to alex for that.

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{"id":20366807,"title":"Westgate Mall: Attackers Rented Store to Keep Weapons","duration":"2:18","description":"New details and stories of survival emerge after officials take control of a Kenyan mall.","url":"/GMA/video/kenya-mall-attack-al-shabab-terror-group-rented-20366807","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}