Kevin Costner Steps in NFL GM's Shoes for 'Draft Day'

The actor plays the general manager of the Cleveland Browns in his new film.
4:10 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Kevin Costner Steps in NFL GM's Shoes for 'Draft Day'
We all remember Kevin Costner's take on "Bull Durham," "Field of dreams" and in "Draft day" he is under the clock to pick the right players. Even from his mom. Take a look. Hi, mom. You sold a cow for magic beans. How does the entire world already know about this, mom? Because Monty max just tweeted it. He tweeted it? Yeah. You're on Twitter? You're not? And Kevin Costner joins us now. I love the start of this movie. This guy is having the worst day. It starts off a little bit good. He sees his girlfriend in the shower. That's it for him. Then, the talking heads get to him. His girlfriend wants to have a giant discussion about something that's important to them. He asks, because it's such an pare important day, can we maybe -- Table this? Yeah. And she says, no. Right away, you're dealing with a real couple. And his day doesn't get any better than that. And it winds its way to an exciting conclusion. It's amazing the way the movie picks up the pace as you're going along. And the clock is ticking. And this guy has to make the pick that's going to save his job. It's a pot that starts boiling. And it talks about all of us, about how we react under pressure. And under pressure, are we going to actually serve our own ideas or are we going to serve conventional wisdom? And what is everybody's wrong? In sports there's an instinctual thing. And didn't think we were going to be able to do this. And I thought, how is he going to get out of this? He didn't have a grand plan. He had been making mistakes all day. And by the end of the movie, other people start making mistakes. You see that moment when he gets it. He knows the idea in his head. And it's true to the details, as well. Real teams. The NFL's behind it. Wouldn't have done this movie if it wouldn't have been the NFL. They kind of came in. And we just know the brand they've done. And I wouldn't have done it with the fake names, the fake Jerseys. It would have still been a great script. But the NFL's blessing really brought this thing together. Jennifer garner was here yesterday. She had so much fun getting to work with you. Well, she's so -- she's such a great actress. You get seduced by how fun she is and how all-american she is. But what happens is sometimes that clouds what a good actor she is. She's really good. She's fantastic. And, boy, you are busy right now. Four movies coming out this year, at least. Including "Jack Ryan: Shadow recruit." You had to turn down 20 years ago, "Hunt for red October" for "Dances with wolves. ". I had to turn it down. They thought I was being on city innocent. I was going to make this little movie. I pushed everything I had in the middle of a thing. And didn't blink. And went off and made that movie. "Hunt for red October" was something that people wanted to happen. And I did, too. They were offering me more money than I had ever seen. I'm not a fool. Couldn't have done much better than "Dances with wolves." More money than I've ever seen or risk your house? Gee. What a bonehead move. It paid off. You have to understand, I went to bed that night going, what did I just do? Michelle on Facebook wants to know, if you ever want to do a sequel to "Dances with wolves." There's a book called "The holy road." But not really. It doesn't have to be the same story. I guess the idea, I thought about it, probably thought about it. But you know, quickly moved on. And leave it where it is. Leave it where it is. And "Draft day" is a terrific movie. Thank you for coming in. You're welcome.

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{"id":23271009,"title":"Kevin Costner Steps in NFL GM's Shoes for 'Draft Day'","duration":"4:10","description":"The actor plays the general manager of the Cleveland Browns in his new film.","url":"/GMA/video/kevin-costner-steps-nfl-gms-shoes-draft-day-23271009","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}