Kevin Hart, Regina Hall Bring Laughs in 'About Last Night'

On-screen couple discusses working together on their new romantic comedy.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for Kevin Hart, Regina Hall Bring Laughs in 'About Last Night'
Romantic comedy "About last night" is a reimaging of the hit '80s film near and dear to my heart opens just in time for Valentine's day, the incredibly funny Kevin hart and Regina hall tar in this film. We'll chat with both of you in just a moment. First I want to share with you a little sneak peek. Take a look. What happened? He broke up with me. Get out of here. See, my parents are coming to town -- I'm like I want to meet them. He's like no way and he's like why not. He says because you're not jewish. You're jewish. "A," I'm not and "B" you never met my parents. I dropped the Jew bomb. She can't say anything about it. If she does she's racist. Joined by Kevin hart and Regina hall. Welcome both of you to "Good morning America." Thank you. Yeah. I was talking to will packer, your producer, just moments ago and he says not so much based on the '80s cult classic that stars rob Lowe and demi Moore but more on the David mamet play in Chicago. What's the difference there? Well, you know, we went a little raunchy. This is daytime TV so I don't want to get too raunchy in here but we pushed the envelope with this one. We wanted to show relationships in a real way and real perspective. Fun. It's very, very sexy. First of all, I'm in it so -- We apologize. We apologize. It's high. We're through the roof with the sexy level in this one but we wanted to modernize it. Show relationships in today and do a movie where people cannot only relate to but watch and enjoy and say, wow, you know what, that actually is cups. Couples ago like this or like that. What a couple, too. You play Joan and your character, boy, she does not hold back. There doesn't seem to be any internal edit button. No, she's a crazy person. No, no, you know what, I watched Kevin and how can I translate this as a female? That's how I came up with Joan. She's passionate. I hike to think of her as someone in the moment. You know who is emotional in the moment. Kev, you're filling in the -- you're walking the footsteps of the great Jim belushi. His character Bernie, what was that like for you. Well, you know, first of all, what I did to Bernie was make him great, okay. You know, I got to play a character that is so different for me. This is the first time I'm actually an adult in a movie. You know, I'm a grown man. I have emotion, I have levels and I take my shirt off in this, so you're going to be happy. Well, thank you. I permanently -- In about 26 minutes 17 seconds. 26 minutes, 17 seconds four abs are showing so you're welcome, America. He's working on those last two to get a six-pack. These ones right here. Totally -- Six-pack is what I want. We made up a little game for you. Are you down? You want to play. I'm always down for games in so here we go. This is a Valentine's days dos and don'ts when the movie comes out. First one, couples massage, Regina, do or don't. I do. I like couples massages. It depends if your lady has a bumpy back or not. If she does, don't. Don't. Kevin, proposing on instagram like P. Diddy says he did not. Just put up a picture of an engagement ring. I say do. I post everything. I say don't. I say it's your private moment. No, it's not. You should keep it. America needs to know. America needs to know. This is because he wants to do it. I'm not proposing to you. I don't want to -- Yes, do you. No, I don't. We're not together. What is this? That's jewelry. I'm sorry. You can see why this movie might work. There's no chemistry at all here. All right, a couple more. Breaking up the day before Valentine's day -- Do. What? Do break up the day before. Get back together the day after. That means you got a free day, to gift, no dinners, no nothing, you get to chill, watch sports. Nothing says romance more than that. Yes. Last name is hart. I know. Which brings us to this, thank you so much. Everybody, hearts all around because "About last night" hits theaters this Valentine's day. Make sure you go see it, people. It's a good movie. It's a good movie. Enyou're only in 900 movies. And my shirt is off.

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{"id":22357301,"title":"Kevin Hart, Regina Hall Bring Laughs in 'About Last Night'","duration":"3:00","description":"On-screen couple discusses working together on their new romantic comedy.","url":"/GMA/video/kevin-hart-regina-hall-interview-2014-night-stars-22357301","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}