Kevin Ware: 'I Saw the Bone Sticking 6 Inches Out of My Leg'

NCAA player discusses his horrifying injury on his way to the Final Four.
4:10 | 04/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Ware: 'I Saw the Bone Sticking 6 Inches Out of My Leg'
Okay there, ryan, thank you. Now to josh's one-on-one with kevin ware, the university of louisville basketball player who broke his leg over the weekend in that game against duke. He's already on the mend and, josh, you got a chance to go down -- seemed like a remarkable man full of hope and his mom too. Lovely woman. Remarkable kid. It was an honor. I had the honor of sitting down with kevin ware mom. It was hard to believe, of course, that he did suffer that shocking injury just last weekend and for those worried about his prospects for recovery, well, worry no more. It is a comeback staggering by any measure up and moving four days after one of the most horrific injuries seen on a basketball court. That is a grew some-looking injury. Reporter: Ware recalled that life-changing moment. I come down not knowing the seriousness of what happened. Only reason I knew looking at coach p.'S eyes. It gave it away. When he kind of looked at me like big eyes like, are you okay like? What's going on? And it just made me look at my leg and seeing my leg out like that, it was just -- it was straight shock. What did you see? I saw the bone six inches out of my leg. I didn't feel any pain. It didn't hurt. Honestly it didn't hurt. It was just scary. That was probably one of the most scariest moments in my life. Reporter: Ware snapped his leg in two places and his agony felt more by his teammates as they broke down in tears. In that situation there wasn't much I could do but i knew if I sai tried to at least get my team's minds on the right track, we could win this game and that's why I just told the team like we have to win this game. I kept repeating it and kept repeating it and they pulled through. Reporter: Louisville crushed duke by 22 points, a victory marked by raw emotion. When that first tear fell for you, what was going through your mind? The first tear fell when me and my girlfriend were actually watching the tribute of how they showed the game. I kind of felt like it was going to happen. I needed to get it out. just -- it was more so me crying tears of joy because I was so proud at just how they played. Reporter: I understand you haven't seen it and you never will. Never will. I kind of feel like if I see the video, it will just hold me back mentally from where I need to be trying to recover from this and the last thing I want is that if I'm trying to be on the basketball court again. Reporter: Ware's mother lisa junior, a rock of support throughout her son's darkest hours. So many of our viewers are moms. Uh-huh. Reporter: So many of our viewers wonder how you could possibly watch what happened and keep it together. It was heartbreaking. It was devastating. It was something that you would never dream -- I mean, when he does things he just always does it big I'm like, you just couldn't break your leg, you had to break your leg like in the most dramatic way possible. It's just so kevin. Reporter: Last question, kevin, are you going to be back? I'll be back next season. And so he shall. I tell you what, kevin is known as the quietest member of that team but we all find out things in these moments thrust upon us and he has found a strength and a resilience that inspires all. It is a wonderful thing to see. He is normally the quiet one and doesn't like all this attention but he's quick to say how much he appreciates everyone. That oh, mom look he gave. Oh, kevin. Lovely woman and, again, watching his familyim during the press conference yesterday crying what I could only think were tears of pride seeing their son in again the darkest hour turning it into a light for us all. He will be on the sidelines. He will. Can you imagine you look over there and see your teammate there like that? Wow. Inspiration. Thank you, josh. That's great. He was in louisville.

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{"id":18878327,"title":"Kevin Ware: 'I Saw the Bone Sticking 6 Inches Out of My Leg'","duration":"4:10","description":"NCAA player discusses his horrifying injury on his way to the Final Four.","url":"/GMA/video/kevin-ware-interview-louisville-player-broken-leg-bone-18878327","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}