Kids confused by old school technology

ABC News' Becky Worley introduces kids to older technology like a typewriter, Nintendo game system and cassette tape player.
6:57 | 04/27/17

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Transcript for Kids confused by old school technology
Straight to technology to sort of thing that most parents think I. Am just. And we have and can't correspondent. Always gonna introduce things more slowly. And you. Might eat eat and as a I think exit. That's. Well I. You know it was timely people. Didn't like playing with technology. When people thought technology was boring and not much finding really hard and only that are. People who are like really into math and engineering and science so I love technology I was real. He going up. And so I have this job it GMA trying to make technology fun now do you think technology is fun now. What what do you use yeah. And I'm to. Us. And I. When IDC. Quality and you. Technology is you don't get. An excess. Yet it's all. And it. I. Well Mary it felt well. Recognize that magic team that you recognize. And this problem this month this time. Thank you see this regularly in prison and I am an MB treatment. Okay we'll look at it. I don't know if this was done first I'm high not then and I thought I'm. Phil Liggett net lease space. You outlined. I don't mind. Are an uneasy about eight US. And I don't. He. Spent. And these loans it looks. Like a record like event apparently he takes now while some crazy and it's. What do you think happened. They don't lenient. And it's not a record let me music compact we. 88. We have seen. Boom boxes of the earth and you lock. And hey what I think ahead. S. Instrument now week. If you like but he definitely needs it now. I'm. I'm. When he listens and acts. And okay well let it is her. I got some 21 pilots here let my school that much money when pilots flying would you be looking at now. Who else. Okay well let me. This was cool that you couldn't. It's. If you just work tonight news it. You talk to your friend when you where Indy. I see when we had been around my friends. I'm asking you would listen to music and talk about the music went. AC RS. So much sense that this is gonna blow your mind I think it's up that the tape player here that it plays music. We've got this little hand and gaming console. Like India. We've got this thing you know it exists. Oh well let alone let alone then we've got. The current high that this turning to us. And didn't beats me had a baby and eventually. Great great great grandchild. That is where all these everything in here including. A camera. And video recorder. A dictionary. When. And if you can call people on it wouldn't want Kelly and me. A YouTube video. Great pulling in the tight credit you know I think that's definitely key. So when you name it they unite and to. Me you aren't the best. Experts like. And pain maybe. And I don't mind. Oldenburg diplomat companion and I love the ladies I think. That's you isn't it. Often he's. Yeah beyond Bryant will head come. Hey there angry and I only end they. The best MII going to be nervous they're coming up after my job I can tell. A lot of kids my job I actually get paid to play technology.

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{"id":47057050,"title":"Kids confused by old school technology","duration":"6:57","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley introduces kids to older technology like a typewriter, Nintendo game system and cassette tape player. ","url":"/GMA/video/kids-confused-school-technology-47057050","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}