'King of Vine' Jerome Jarre on Finding Social Media Celebrity

The social media superstar explains why he shares positive videos with his 14 million friends.
4:15 | 01/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'King of Vine' Jerome Jarre on Finding Social Media Celebrity
Great deals there and, hey, if you had six seconds what kind of story would you tell? Well, this gentleman, Jerome jarre -- Hello. Has become the king of vine by creating funny videos full of so much positivity. Helped him rack up over 14 million followers worldwide. We're going to talk to Jerome in just a moment but Haines Haines with his inspiring story. Reporter: Meet Jerome jarre. Ooh-la-la. The 4-year-old social media star, mastering the six-second video. Grabbing over 8 million followers on vine and counting. High-five. The superstar originally born in France embraces his heritage. Deodorant. And is especially known for how he refers to his best friend. Qui-rell. His signature smile and love for life. Making him one of the most recognizable stars on the street. Oh, my god. You're the vine guy. No way. He's just always, always positive. He responds to kids who they will them they're his fans and friends. It's all smile, all funny and kids just really, really appreciate it. He certainly isn't shy. Never afraid to lay his special kind of charm on anyone. Oh, god. Even a stranger. I do. She said yes. Man and wife. My little macaroon. Celebs on the red carpet. Do you want to build a snowman. Or queen bey herself. This second-second star can make anyone happy. Are you happy? Sara Haines, ABC news, new York. Look at the access you have gotten and two years since the first vine happened and you were practically homeless at that time. Yeah, I came to New York with $400 a year and a half ago but told myself vine would be my chance and I did -- I just make -- made the videos and everything followed. And every time I watch one of those, I smile. It's impossible not to. It's all about positivity. I think when you create content, when people watch content, it turns into thoughts in their heads and make sure it's positive thoughts. That's why I tell people not to watch the news because it's so negative all the time. You need to fulfill yourself with positivity. Also about sharing that message, a personal experience you went through being bullied and being there for so many others who have been through the same experience. So many kids being bullied. So I'm just -- with the phone it's so personal, I really try to talk with my soul and just -- I just show that if I can be fearless in the street and go talk to strangers and do things people are afraid that means you can do it too. They don't have to be afraid. Being fearless is a key because it opens up possibilities in your life. Endless possibilities and you have 14 million people who believe in your message so much. You don't call them followers, you call them friends. I think with the world friends is -- you have fan. We're all so same level. We are friends, walking together. Towards this goal of being happy and growing and finding our purpose. I can't stop smiling just talking to you. You have a wonderful aura. I want to share with you some of the questions from your vine friends. Oh, awesome. From Katie Diaz. Let's take a look. Hi, Jerome. Do you think you've found your life's purpose? Oh, it's awesome. It's because I always talk on my napchat about purpose. That's the most important question in your life. What is your purpose? That is a question which you always ask when you meet somebody and I didn't have a purpose before. I didn't know my purpose but all these social E. Peerpts and connecting with all those people are helping me create one for me. Now my purpose is to have them create their purpose. Love it. Jerome jarre -- What's your purpose. I guess spreading the message of positivity as well and nice to talk to you. It's a pleasure to meet you. Continued success. Thank you. You got to meet him, ink goer. He's a wonderful guy and a check

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{"id":28573907,"title":"'King of Vine' Jerome Jarre on Finding Social Media Celebrity ","duration":"4:15","description":"The social media superstar explains why he shares positive videos with his 14 million friends.","url":"/GMA/video/king-vine-jerome-jarre-finding-social-media-celebrity-28573907","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}