Kristen Wiig's New Film, 'Girl Most Likely'

Actress plays a writer forced to move back home after her life falls apart.
3:00 | 07/15/13

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Transcript for Kristen Wiig's New Film, 'Girl Most Likely'
Test Text1 underline Right now, kristin wiig, first time ever on "gma." You don't have to sing if you don't want to. Maybe later. We all know her for "saturday night live" and "bridesmaids." Now back in "girl most likely." A writer forced to move back home but her eccentric mom played by annette bening is not the ideal roommate. Take a look. Um, I don't know how to broach this subject tackfully so I'm just going to say it. Ralph, cover your ears. Were you getting spanked last night? Why would you think that? Because that's what it sounded like. Right? Oh. I'm right, aren't i? It's so much fun. Have you never tried it. Yeah, maybe like two or three times in the heat of passion but not in repetition for like two hours. Oh, my god. If it's bothering you so much you should have just closed your door. My sheet door. Kristen wiig joins us. How much fun was it to play with annette bening. Probably the highlight of my career. Not kidding. She's incredible. She's annette bening. When she signed on we were freaking out. A wild character in this film. This is the second movie, "bridesmaids" also where you play a character that goes back home to live with mom. So what is that about? I don't know. It's not a dream of mine in real life. No? I love my mom but, no, that would -- nothing you could imagine. No. And, you know, this movie was able to be made in part because of the great success of "bridesmaids." Yeah. After that you were also in "time's" 100 most influential people in the word. When you find out that news -- I don't -- maybe there's been a mistake. I don't know. I was so flattered. I mean it was unbelievable. Yeah, it was a fun party. I bet you it was a fun party. Looked like you were having fun latest issue of "harper's." Oh, my. That's not the cover, is it. No. No. There is the cover. No, I wasn't on the cover. That's not -- can I say that's me? So let's see her pictures. Bring those out. Well -- wow! Check out that hair that's a paparazzi shot. It's me. It was really windy and my -- out to dinner. I know. I forgot my pants and I was embarrassed. They come to you with an idea like that do you say I'm going to go for it. So fun to do those fashiony things because I think when people know you as doing comedy and stuff they try to make the picture sometimes like funny and I don't know. They wanted to do like black and white kind of like -- beautiful shots. Thanks. I know we're not going to see -- at least we're not planning on seeing another "bridesmaids" but you're working on anything new. Anything you can tell us about the new script? It's -- we're just starting so anything that I would even say might change so it's very new. Okay. Well, since this is your "gma" appearance. Your lightning round. Your last google? George stephanopoulos images. You guys set her up for this one. Invisible for an hour, what do you do? I would haunt the studio like when you're interviewing people I would just like do that. That would be good. Then people would get freaked out. Next I'm it happens we'll know it was you. Finish this sentence, I wish i could start -- I wish I could start a channel that only showed "sharknado." That would be successful. I wish I could stop -- I wish I could stop people talking about kale. The campaign began here on "gma" and I cannot live without -- kale. What we were talking about. Wants it all for herself. Thank you so much. A lot of fun. The movie comes out this friday. Yes. Fantastic.

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{"id":19667868,"title":"Kristen Wiig's New Film, 'Girl Most Likely'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress plays a writer forced to move back home after her life falls apart.","url":"/GMA/video/kristen-wiigs-film-girl-19667868","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}