Lara Spencer Goes Back to School

The "GMA" anchor takes a trip back in time to her years at Penn State.
5:24 | 09/10/13

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Transcript for Lara Spencer Goes Back to School
But it is time, once again, to go back to school. "Gma"-u. Yesterday, george took us about 50 blocks north of here, up to columbia. That would be an ivy league school. Now, a state school. But not just any state school. Pennsylvania state university. You were a diver. A good one. And don't undersell it, you were a very good diver. You were. And that's shocking to you all. You know I might be slightly klutzy. There was a time when I was a scholarship athlete at college. I'm diving back into the late '80s, TO THE POOL WHERE I SPENT Most of my time at penn state university. ♪ it has been two decades since my penn state diving days. 20 years since I retired my speedo, until now. Okay. Back to that in a minute. This man is the only reason i might be able to pull this off. My dear friend and penn state diving coach, craig brown. A.K.A. Brownie. Diving's not a life long sport. I don't dive anymore. The window of opportunity for diving is when you're young. I think you're out of your mind. Of all the sports I could have done, I love tennis. Why didn't I pick a normal sport? Because of the rush of it every day. My dad was a huge part of my diving experience. We called him slim because he was a rather larger guy. But he had such a spirit for life. He meant so much to the team. Every time we looked in the stands, there was slim there. We miss him dearly. No doubt. I remember this about you. If I did a bad dive, you would find three positive things to say. And then, the negative. It was a great way to learn. It was something you had to learn. That first day of practice, you looked me in the eye for two seconds. After a while, you were getting into the podstive stuff. It was cool to engage it. Then, we'd do the teachable things. You had one of the best rips. And rip is? You go under water with no splach. Not only no splash, but it has a distinctive sound. When I get to penn state. What I didn't realize was my coach would become my friend. I'm invested in you as a friend, you'll invest in me as a good, performing athlete. And I think we've proven over the years that that can work. It did work. And look at us now 22 years later. Everybody knows in "back to school," when rodney dangerfield's character does -- the triple lindy. ♪ Reporter: My best dive was anything twisting. Double twister. Reporter: Wonder if I can do that again. Now, I feel challenged. Brownie has me feeling the eye of the tiger. ♪ any last-minute advice? You have to get rid of the cap and that silly nose plug. Let's go. Reporter: Back at school, i dove from ten meters. Today, we're taking it down a notch. To one meter. Let's do this. Not so good. You have to draw your feet a little bit. Otherwise, you're going to go way over like you just did. Reporter: As brownie once taught me, if at first you don't succeed, never be afraid to try again. We're we go. Up. Reporter: Should I try my triple lindy? Is it hard? It's impossible. This is the rip. Now. Reporter: Yay. We did it. That was great. That was great. The. Reporter: Now, I'm officially retiring the 1350ed doe. Hang it up, baby. Aweso awesome. Reporter: Love you, brownie. Love you, too. Thank you. Thank you. That hug is what it's all about. That is. I know. Formed my life. Very impressive. Is that a devil? Yeah. Thank you. The speedo is retired. I need to thank a couple people. The home of the diving team for letting us use the pool. And brownie, from taking the time in his landscape business. He has left the penn state program. What did it feel like to be back on the board like that? It felt great. I thought -- I did four dives. That's it. If I could be those four dives forever, all good.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"The \"GMA\" anchor takes a trip back in time to her years at Penn State.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20210142","title":"Lara Spencer Goes Back to School","url":"/GMA/video/lara-spencer-back-school-20210142"}