'Better Late Than Never': Awarding 24 Belated Medals of Honor

Recipient Melvin Morris recounts his actions of valor in Vietnam.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Better Late Than Never': Awarding 24 Belated Medals of Honor
-- Hello welcome to politics confidential I'm Jonathan Karl extremely honored right now to be joined by sergeant first class Melvin -- is. Recipients of the medal of honor thank you for taking time to talk to us -- thank you this is an extraordinary event 24. Individuals. Who should have receive this medal years and years ago you're one of three year old who are still alive and I want to start with how you found that how you were gonna receive this honor. Got a couple colonel Davis do you want it tell me -- Had government officials. What neck speed to you if Italy is -- now Amazon -- troubles them. And now. -- -- say this President Obama. Do you and that he would be. Congressional now on -- -- four years ago. And I felt like went down low bid to save people will be who will be filled message that you see what -- -- And the president when he called you he apologized he said I'm sorry can you should've -- you -- received this honor and years and years and years ago and why do you think you warrant was it was because of race. I don't think so get me -- also prime glory. Who have multiple rational man if teen went as planned if you get bound together. And you're around Asia and so is -- -- that I know. You volunteered twice. To go to Vietnam mr. People your age were trying to get out of going to be here you were raise your -- -- all go came in -- what I had to do and I want to do with the best. So I had a common duty. The incident for which you've been honored for now you come under fire tolls tolls -- And they would just a little bit. You know -- not always -- hair. Hand and had noticed that -- no activity. I didn't act -- tonight means to quiet. To quiet down -- activity. And so we've moved through various community stop at once again it wouldn't. And that's where -- I'd have -- Got a powerful. Team captain. Sam my teams had been killed. And he had been wounded several -- and now. He wanted to stay say no you must go and -- move up position. And that town -- -- -- he had -- have -- -- -- look how that piece saying enlisted mostly. He was on -- -- -- you're suddenly command yes. Besides he has made -- decision -- -- in naming him and I got much inside about it. Because as -- rule would leave no soldier behind. And -- -- and we'll let me they have long so I -- to take him back down the bias is I get to more volunteers. We go back handing me. We game out this -- out while we have to take him out. The map case files his pocket and game out person that to make this issue. To go back at a map case because this had sensitive information. -- it fell into the enemy's hands always he can't leave that to -- You can't so what the sad to yet out of hand -- -- second -- And I went -- -- -- monitor -- yet and map case and he was about it. But. Before yet to map case on enemy came in between me and him Shaq friendships -- -- here are. Well what it is out Alice that. -- -- through. And I couldn't found a hole in the back -- and allows OK and I got up roundtree. But protection and -- -- back infantry unit was hit them back penetrate. But then I noticed -- hit and miss Tom also. Threw a hand grenade in Baghdad hit in his hand house and I -- low low in the bullets. You saw run to catch -- -- the company. We're running you've got you've been shot three times -- bleeding all over the place and you and your wrong and and prevent and so wants Baghdad now. -- -- came and picked me up. What gives you the ability to do that it's -- wrong in the direction of enemy fire. We don't John -- military to back out -- get to we've got to do we gotta do you know when you put me will it. Some new brands of -- -- gave the ultimate sacrifice and you back no way. No way there's no -- thought you want -- don't work that way. Little League going through your mind says the president is giving the I don't know I'm here -- -- enough time. You prepare what comes out. I think -- more about that could -- -- receive. -- This is history really be out front and Afghan -- Lot of -- is -- to map. Well sir it's hard to imagine somebody more worthy of such a high honor -- you thank you very much appreciate taking time talk to -- and and that's it for politics confidential for ABC news in Yahoo! News thank you for watching. See again next time.

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{"id":22952193,"title":"'Better Late Than Never': Awarding 24 Belated Medals of Honor","duration":"3:00","description":"Recipient Melvin Morris recounts his actions of valor in Vietnam.","url":"/GMA/video/late-awarding-24-belated-medals-honor-22952193","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}