Latest Pregnancy Craze? Twerking

Celebs, teens and now moms-to-be are in on the trending dance.
0:33 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Latest Pregnancy Craze? Twerking
The latest dance grace becoming popular with folks who might need to get their doctor's permission. Before taking part -- working. Is that it's viral dance that's now being picked up by expectant mothers. You basically shake your hips everything -- everything -- goes everything quakes a little bit. -- humanize high school seniors -- all posted photos and videos of themselves working of course whether one's personal health permits pregnant working can only be determined. By a doctor.

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{"duration":"0:33","description":"Celebs, teens and now moms-to-be are in on the trending dance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19962460","title":"Latest Pregnancy Craze? Twerking","url":"/GMA/video/latest-pregnancy-craze-twerking-19962460"}