Little League World Series Showdown

Chicago's Jackie Robinson West team will face off against Philadelphia's Taney Dragons and their star pitcher Mo'Ne Davis.
2:31 | 08/21/14

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Transcript for Little League World Series Showdown
Lara, little league world series so exciting this year. Yeah, the action continues, guys. The little league world series is on. Mo'ne Davis will be back in action today after a rough night. Her team will be going head to head with another favorite from the south side of Chicago and ABC's gio Benitez is at the stadium in south williamsport, Pennsylvania, with all the news. Good morning to you, gio. Reporter: Oh, good morning, Lara. You're right. She did have a rough game. But tonight we're going to be talking about the two teams that have just captivated this nation showing everyone that the little leagues, they're pretty major. Tonight, two of the most talked about teams in the little league world series coming face to face and only one will continue on. South side Chicago Jackie Robinson west team defying the odds, the first little league team from Chicago to make it to the world series in 31 years. Becoming a social media craze and beacons of hope for some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. It's over. A complete game. Reporter: On the other bench Philadelphia's Taney dragons and their star Mo'ne Davis now gracing the cover of this week's "Sports illustrated." She made history with a pitch perfect game Friday. The first shutout by a girl in series history. Overnight Davis took to the mound again with more than 34,000 fans in the stands. Far more than ten major league games played on the same day. Even the newly elected MLB commissioner attended the game. 1 hi-2. Laced into right -- Reporter: In the end it was a disappointing loss against las Vegas. Davis taken off the pitcher's mound early in the game and moved to first base. She, you know, didn't have her "A" game today but certainly is entitled to it. Reporter: And now strict little league rules say she can't pitch for two full days. Which means at tonight's game, we'll only see her at bat or covering the bases. Her legions of fans behind her all the way. Who are you here to say. All: Mo'ne! So again she can't pitch tonight. Those are the rules but if the Taney dragons win tonight's game they will play Saturday night and you can bet Mo'ne Davis will be back on that pitcher's mound and, guy, we're going to be watching. Yeah. No pressure. So much pressure on such a young girl. She's really handling it well. I want both teams to win tonight.

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{"id":25065282,"title":"Little League World Series Showdown","duration":"2:31","description":"Chicago's Jackie Robinson West team will face off against Philadelphia's Taney Dragons and their star pitcher Mo'Ne Davis.","url":"/GMA/video/league-world-series-showdown-chicago-philadelphia-25065282","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}