The Quest to Find the Best Fried Chicken Recipe

Lee Brian Schrager, Michael Solomonov cook a unique chicken recipe from Philly food chain Federal Donuts.
2:55 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for The Quest to Find the Best Fried Chicken Recipe
July 4th three days away now. Bringing you the best all-american food. We have lee Brian shrager. This is incredible. More than 50 recipes in the book, right? And what started this journey to find the best fried chicken in America? Kfc no longer stands for Kentucky fried chicken. It stands for Korean fried chicken, in my mind. And we want to show the ways to make America's iconic food. And Michael has the greatest fried chicken. Korean fried chicken is the way to go. We take chicken. We salt it overnight. And we make a batter with all-purpose flour, cornstarch, salt and fry it twice. We double-fry it. Is that a secret? Not anymore. It was a secret. You dip it. And you drop it in. And we fry it at a low temperature first. And then a high temperature. That ensures a supercrispy fried chicken. You can probably cut glass with our chicken. Anything to do the night before? We like to salt it. That cures it. And it gets the salt in there. And you call this federal -- Federal doughnuts fried chicken. We serve doughnuts, fried chicken, coffee. The three major food groups. Can I ask you? The doughnut that you're serving with the fried chicken, has a chicken -- is it a chicken stock? There's something to it that's amazing. Your probably eating it too close. It's a honey doughnut with fried chicken next to it. It's amazing. How about the rest of the doughnuts? Why are you talking? You should be eating our doughnuts. I want to ask lee, too. So many fried chickens in the land. How did you know there would be so many varieties? And what inspired you to do this? We took the ultimate fried chicken road trip last summer. We had our hit list. And we went on the road. And through social media, every time we went through a city, we had a hit list. And talking to one chef, like Michael, he would tell us about another great restaurant. And we tweeted. And our list, where we started and ended, was so different, thanks to social media and thanks to the chefs and their influence. We're salivating. How do you stay in shape? Don't look at me. Our doughnuts cause you to lose weight. I don't believe that. Doughnuts for strength. Ginger, he's trying the chicken. How is it? It's great. This is a custom glaze that we make for lee. This isn't just found in our stores. This is just in the book. All right? Yeah. We just glaze it. Like a sweet chili soy. That's it. Let's eat it. Everyone at home, you can get the recipe for this dish, our website, on Yahoo!

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Lee Brian Schrager, Michael Solomonov cook a unique chicken recipe from Philly food chain Federal Donuts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24377833","title":"The Quest to Find the Best Fried Chicken Recipe","url":"/GMA/video/lee-brian-schrager-michael-solomonov-quest-find-best-24377833"}