Lily Tomlin Dishes on Starring Role in 'Malibu Country'

Comedian discusses working with Reba on her new show in 'GMA's' Times Square studio.
3:38 | 03/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lily Tomlin Dishes on Starring Role in 'Malibu Country'
We're literally -- now she has done it all comedies and drama TV Broadway in movies. And -- she's playing really is free spirited mom and ABC's hit sitcom Malibu country take a look. If you need and then each socket was not -- something the nude beach. Eagle could -- -- I didn't know what was one at first you know my vision is not what it used to be. And I started talking to the nicest gentleman who was wearing beige tracks. And I wasn't wearing trumps. Lily Tomlin doing so -- you so much for coming in thank you -- -- -- get hooked up -- -- -- I I. I'd known her for awhile your because my my brother actually lives in Nashville and my family southern from Kentucky. So I -- -- visit my brother -- -- Reba from time to time as -- -- really friendly and adorable and I'd -- series concert at that she was really really good. And that I Sargent Annie on Broadway Annie get your gun and she was out of this world. -- the end of week when she was on the stage she was still alive -- Rio. And so that I just became an adoring fans so there when I got our print the the job I thought this would be great. I like to -- a woman an older woman whose real. Spirited -- -- fact that nobody -- about -- that yeah now who -- -- believe Nashville with two kids and me her mother. And when she gets him out Goucher -- she really has three -- So I get really at Stephanie let me name. The character after my mother -- today signed the wig as well well yes I have I made I -- weeks -- had a quite -- made for my mother had white hair. So I thought that was great and I -- that many may read this it's just great to work -- you've got the genre down now playing on idiosyncratic mafia idea flirting with disaster now on this upcoming movie as well admission. With Tina thing must agree to work with it was you know I was great time. She both both Keane and Paul Rudd. And yes I got to play her mother who is a feminists from. Early in early movement in the seventies had written a notable book the masculine myth and she. Heck who lives by are very strict doctrine. Which is. Her feminist -- You know years as he said at the beginning you have done so maybe you've appeared in so many different. Places in movies and TV and installation of such a range what is it that people remember you for that when -- when -- is walking down the -- I think I think still people. A large proportion of the audience who might still be living. They remember Ernestine -- edicts from laughing and you know those early characters have. Made a very strong impact on the culture. And our people still listening to me you know the for phone rings -- that the clean yourself safe Ernestine -- three year -- And stuff like Batman and what -- the great things that happened rhymes and words were repeated and as -- in a restaurant. And I hope table full of middle aged people this is years and years ago when the show was on the air and I started to -- and they yelled yeah Lilly Lilly. And they have put their napkins on their hands of the points hung down like this and then they went and that's the truth and -- I'm LA -- got it right there with a lot of political. Another is that it's a veteran of good -- always happen do you count that as you'll thank you for coming into the you know my prayers tomorrow night at 8:30 sevenths central on ABC.

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{"id":18674569,"title":"Lily Tomlin Dishes on Starring Role in 'Malibu Country'","duration":"3:38","description":"Comedian discusses working with Reba on her new show in 'GMA's' Times Square studio.","url":"/GMA/video/lily-tomlin-interview-playing-rebas-mother-malibu-country-18674569","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}