Linda Ellerbee Discusses 'Nick News' Retirement

The legendary journalist, 71, has announced she will retire from the Nickelodeon series after 25 years.
4:40 | 12/14/15

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Transcript for Linda Ellerbee Discusses 'Nick News' Retirement
We're back now with a legendary name in broadcast journalism. Linda Ellerbee. After more than 40 rears in the business, the last 25 of them hosting nick news. Linda is retiring. They'll air the special, hello, I must be going. This morning, she's here with us. What a pleasure. It's so nice to be here with you. All these years. Two generations of talking -- two generations have been with you. It is. Really. We have some kids that were 10 when we started that now have 10-year-olds that are watching. We have kids that grew up watching us that worked on the show. Until, you know, just recently until we produced the last show. We had in on our staff so excited because they grew up watching. What was the most challenging story your 25 years that you had to explain to children? Oh, without question, AIDS. It was -- when we started in '91, it was a huge, huge story. Not that it shouldn't be today. But, it was then. And, the problem with explaining AIDS was, you have to explain, you have to talk about sex. And, in our age group of 9 to 14, there are kids in there who actually haven't had the sex talk from their parents yet. So it was tricky. How do I talk about AIDS without talking about sex. Well, you can't, really. You had to keep all these things in mind. You know your audience. You chose to be there so many years. What will you miss most? The kids themselves. If there's one lesson I take away there 25 years of listening to kids, you're never too old to learn from young. Never too eld to learn from -- out of the mouths of babes. Yeah. They taught me. They educated me. In fact, the last part of the show, this is our only hour show. This last one. Is really sort of about a personal piece about what you taught me. What kids taught me. What they taught you? Before that, back in the day, that's you -- That's me, at ABC. You were part of the "Gma." Big hair. Big shoulders. Big glasses. And big mouth. We do remember that part, too. What to you remember most of your time here? I had a great time here at ABC. I worked on a wonderful show called "Our world." A primetime show about recent American history. Every week, I came to work and they would give me a wox of magazines an books and movies from a particular year. I would think, okay, this week I'm living in 1961. This week, I've living in 1942. And, in fact, I get so immersed in the time period of the show that I once found myself in the year 1987 writing a check and dating it 1951. No, no you didn't. Because that's where I was spending the week in our world. So immersed in it. I know that you, and maybe it's not a joke, people say, what next? You say retirement, people say, what next. You say you want to be a shepherd? I got tired to explaining to people that after 51 years of working, I was hoping that quitting work would mean, I could get up every day and think, what would line da like to do? Aparent lirks I'm supposed to have a project. I started to say, I'm going to do nothing for awhile. Joyfully. And I'm very grateful. I need to say this. That I'm able to retire. Because too many Americans are not. And I'm very lucky -- I had a great time. In television. I'm leaving with my head still on my shoulders. At my own choosing of the time. And my soul still mostly in tact. I love that voice. And, you are just well deserving of all that. Thank you. You paved the way in so many ways for -- You, too, ma'am. And we're fellow thrivers. I like to say that. I traded both my breasts for my life in 1993. And I have never once greated the trade. I love when you do the voice like that. Yes, what a great trade. I'm glad you did that. You're here with us right now. And you, too. Linda Ellerbee, everybody. Bye, bye. Hello, I must be going, 25 years. Tomorrow night on what if the holidays were about people again?

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"The legendary journalist, 71, has announced she will retire from the Nickelodeon series after 25 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35753932","title":"Linda Ellerbee Discusses 'Nick News' Retirement","url":"/GMA/video/linda-ellerbee-discusses-nick-news-retirement-35753932"}