Liquid Vitamins Via IV Drip Gain Popularity in Hollywood

Some say process provides a quick energy boost to get through long, stressful days.
3:31 | 06/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Liquid Vitamins Via IV Drip Gain Popularity in Hollywood
another hollywood trend. Liquid vitamins delivered with an i.V. Drink. Dr. Jennifer is here to answer this question. First, let's get background from abc's cecilia vega. Reporter: Forget gucci and hermes, the brand-new bag coming with an i.V. Drip. Giving the vitamins into your veins. It's fueled in part by hollywood. Celebrities on the bandwagon include simon cowell, cindy crawford and madonna. Rihanna tweeted this shot, prompting reports she enjoys the party girl drip. The ladies on "the view" had plenty to say about it. You're not putting a needle in my arm. Reporter: But the preemt is not just for stars. I'm having an i.V. Of b-12 and b complex. Reporter: Americans are hitting private clinics on their lunch brack for a pick-me-up. For what some claim is an energy-boosting cac tail infusion. It's a way to get the minerals and vitamins. The body can respond to the stresses of day-to-day life. Reporter: Carmen key gets her drip at this los angeles clinic once a week. Instead of feeling like emergencyized, you feel alive. Reporter: Why not just eat a really big salad, pop a couple vitamins and take a long nap? That would probably do 4% of what this does. They may be suffering from chronic fatigue. They may be run down. I have patients with depression and anxiety. Reporter: At $130 to $275 a session, it's not cheap. And critics call it extreme and downright unnecessary. Questioning whether it actually offers anything nutrition that food and traditional vitamins can. But patients swear by it. I was on my feet 12 hours. So, I needed a lot of energy. Reporter: That may be why so many people say they don't mind getting stuck for this vitamin six. Dr. Jennifer ashton. Sam and josh are not buying it. They don't want to hear a thing. You want one, george? I'm going to ask you should i want one. File this under a lot of smoke and mirrors. There is no question. It is medically unnecessary. For some people who are clinically dehydrated or cannot take liquids by mouth, that's a different story. And you want to talk about the financial aspect, that i.V. Bag can cost me as a doctor, $15. But this can be $1,000 a session. With someone with healthy kidneys, you're going to urinate the vitamins and kidneys in 24 hours. Will you feel better with one to two liters of fluid into your veins? Absolutely. But the risk, infection could happen one in five times. Damage to the veins. In rare cases, someone who gets too much fluid and overload in the heart and lungs, I would say just drink the water.

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{"id":19505601,"title":"Liquid Vitamins Via IV Drip Gain Popularity in Hollywood","duration":"3:31","description":"Some say process provides a quick energy boost to get through long, stressful days.","url":"/GMA/video/liquid-vitamins-iv-drip-safety-effectiveness-debated-trend-19505601","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}