Lisa Colagrossi's Brain Aneurysm Story Helps Save Woman's Life

After WABC reporter Lisa Colagrossi's unexpected death from a brain aneurysm, her husband worked hard to share her story as a warning to others. "GMA" talks to one woman whose life may have been saved because she heard that message.
4:10 | 10/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lisa Colagrossi's Brain Aneurysm Story Helps Save Woman's Life
That is Lisa Karlin process she was in Ankara WABC here in New York before she died unexpectedly from a brain and ears and and now her husband is doing everything he can prevent that from having others must get a company here with the story in my those efforts have already seen one woman's life. They absolutely have Georgia remarkable story about 30000. People in the US suffered from a brain and ears to rupture each year. About half of those are fatal. That's what happened to call a grassy and now her husband is working to make sure that others recognize the warning signs that his wife missed. Now we start to see mark closures and delays it sound like so many women recent college grounds he was always on the go deadline driven New York City reporter. A wife and mom to two boys. Profoundly meant everything to her last year college began suffering terrible headaches but put off going to the doctor. I stopped and said don't you think we should go get those checks and she said I don't have time I'll take an aspirin. Use your power empowers. Through what she didn't know those symptoms were signs of its weekend time bomb a brain and your risen. And moments after finishing a live shot 1 morning last march common grassy collapsed. And I got a call from one. In the top neurosurgeons. Saying that they had my wife and and torture why. Her brain and your prism ruptured leading to a massive brain hemorrhage color grassy did not survive. Now her husband Todd is working tirelessly to save others starting the Lisa colleague rusty foundation. Dedicating to teaching the signs and symptoms of brain and your prism. Starting with an inaugural gala. And it's working Franciscan. Pleaded working out. And I'm my way home my experience it's sunny and very sending headache. After hearing Todd tell Lisa story on a radio broadcaster Chris Sorensen sister immediately called her. And then that afternoon I I just went into the emergency room and nine hours later I went home with this diagnosis. It turns out Chris did avid and your resume Tom's warning saved her life. Are you can. We'll last week they met for the very first time. That's really credit to. You know my loving beautiful life that Angela heard my story and had Chris should be counted as a survivor and is here today. Such important work the foundation will also be releasing a PSAs soon featuring Whoopi Goldberg whose brother died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm they've also created a website with a lot of resources and information about this issue George that's the Lisa Karlin crossing foundation people combine that come on. Came I think from is good more on this now from doctor Jan. Pashtun and popular let's begin with the basics what is and in your isn't. Why they so dangerous so if you think about the arteries blood vessel you can get an ardor and and your isn't anywhere in the body this would be an abnormal blood vessel basically an and you risen as a weakening or a bulging in one part of that artery and since the arterial blood flow is under high pressure. That can start to leak and rupture which can be fatal the good news is that many people have these ending they don't rupture. This so heartbreaking scene releases had the warning signs could ignore them what should people be watching so this is what people need to understand George the classic one is a sudden severe headache in medicine we call it the worst headache of life and those are the words someone should use if they present to the emergency room. Then you could have sudden nausea and vomiting sudden blurry vision or changing your vision sudden trooping of the island. There are lots more symptoms if you think these overlap with those of stroke your correct. The bottom line is the response should be the same call 911 media get to an emergency room do not deny it ignore or delay. To help with the underlying risk factors for any reasons and and what can be done to reduce what some people are born with increased risk factors Fran yours and other things are under our control things like smoking and controlled high blood pressure excessive alcohol consumption or drug abuse. Lisa didn't have any of those things and a lot of people don't but the good news is the awareness can be likes it. And that's what we're trying to do today that's the Foundation's James wealth connection thanks for joining us.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"After WABC reporter Lisa Colagrossi's unexpected death from a brain aneurysm, her husband worked hard to share her story as a warning to others. \"GMA\" talks to one woman whose life may have been saved because she heard that message.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42634058","title":"Lisa Colagrossi's Brain Aneurysm Story Helps Save Woman's Life","url":"/GMA/video/lisa-colagrossis-brain-aneurysm-story-helps-save-womans-42634058"}