Love Your Melon's Feel-Good Head Shave for Cancer Awareness

Nonprofit's founders discuss donating to pediatric cancer, and shave a colleague's head to show support.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for Love Your Melon's Feel-Good Head Shave for Cancer Awareness
Your -- originally started as a school project for two college students who wanted to help others with their work. Feeling inspired Zachary Quinn and Brian Keller decided to do something that allows people to support pediatric cancer patients. Through selling and donating hats and they've been braving the weather on a national bus tour of colleges and children's hospitals to spread the love so please welcome. From a warm welcome. Two -- love you can't live. Okay. Yeah I do look at who we are puzzled looks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we just up for the kids in the hospital to make that day a little better and rises bring in professional athletes or musicians studio. Just put smiles on the faces of kids -- need them. -- don't just as a college project. Yes -- started entrepreneurship class in Saint Paul, Minnesota the university of saint Thomas and it's evolved into what -- -- today we're going across the country cannot tour bus and going to hospitals in order to create -- for the kids -- spend the most touching think that this happened so quietly when the -- stories or something. There's this little kid named Dawson and that the nurses said haven't talked in a really long time we came into -- room and now found by his bad. From the start talking and about what he -- to do things that he loved playing. So -- -- able to organize a plane right there. And -- finally lit up as a smile across his face were actually taken the two of us on the Montgomery Alabama and actually. A few weeks here I'm -- to -- trust. If you want it and -- he donated plane you can just -- yes and -- Yeah it have -- chance -- even able to donate so far so it donated over 3000 -- so far. And we put any given that a 2000 on the rest of this to -- College could look at some of these little kid's head and how to they -- typically when you're able to give them. It's fans who love it -- -- gossip basically in the -- -- today. And now this small boys from doing this kind of -- on this and we brought in a bag -- -- -- Face just lit up in his eyes got all big and he just point and I want that -- so again in Manhattan and a gallon for his mother -- just hit an incredible experience to be able to share that -- these kids. I want for one right somebody buys a hat and you couldn't have. So the way were able to do it is for 25 dollars you're able to buy a -- for yourself. -- -- -- -- in the hospital also receives and that's what makes -- school 'cause people in their own communities are strengthening. He's ties themselves they're able to fund. The process of -- -- away and we invite him come in and do with us has to say says we're actually go to find it like how did people support it was. -- watermelon dot com that's at one now you can see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is there another way people can support you as well. -- people can donate you can set of events for us in their community give us a call a phone numbers right on the website we've of that. We saw that you've been wearing a hat -- -- -- We want to ask you at least for the next week to where -- attack and. Okay. I had been pretty sticky little. He had no I would look let me let me trying to begin again and they're all made in the USA throughout -- -- -- -- content. We are seeing some -- -- so he and Wright definitely bring he into the -- his entire crowd. Yeah yeah you're gonna listen -- and his seat he's here in the C. Names and -- daily returning after he. Actually -- -- films -- first semester so that he could come along and do this tour thus. And we are going to be saving it said today he's in. Or another way that we would support is an event like that -- right exact -- -- -- -- -- I feel good he had yet have a shaved head before now. There really are not even a -- pet is like us you know and inevitably shorter than -- -- -- -- had. We love it when wanted to know what this you have the current series don't. I nervous at all -- -- -- run your hand through so much time. Yeah a lot so not. I'm all right yeah. -- -- Yeah -- look good. You see yourself -- you look at the monitor. But he -- president so I didn't. Or that king you can make you can't buy you can come up to one of our event that a college campus are curious fascination. And savior had finished with -- in the position of understanding what kids have to go through when. That's true then -- minutes if it's something to relating a lot of families do that my family a couple people offended when a few people had cancer and really does mean a lot. Head for the kids for the adults who -- and then. And then we're his vehicle hit a free ad did you come out to lot of -- And then that way if -- dollar kids -- -- we hear that there. They're normal again in the facility rather covered in one he. And then you can you're gonna need it my old -- after -- you're gonna -- happily unmarried African yeah I feel like a little cool area here. -- -- -- Fishing and other -- a little things a little. You guys so much for what he's doing it's really there is -- or. I have. I love -- -- that -- That I can help. You can either way out thank you really it's not who Wear out fast on that that is -- -- -- think you all for being here okay. Six of the -- -- -- that time you guys look spectacular and I was likely to be that security for the rest within the program.

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{"id":21621975,"title":"Love Your Melon's Feel-Good Head Shave for Cancer Awareness","duration":"3:00","description":"Nonprofit's founders discuss donating to pediatric cancer, and shave a colleague's head to show support.","url":"/GMA/video/love-melons-feel-good-head-shave-cancer-awareness-21621975","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}