Luxury Hotels for Dogs: Pets Living Large

Rachel Smith gets a personal tour of the up-scale canine lodgings.
3:00 | 12/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Luxury Hotels for Dogs: Pets Living Large
Hotels so exclusive -- can't get a room -- kiss your dog hint that. A luxurious place for pets only it makes you want to be in the doghouse sooner than there really. Angry day. Personal story I -- it in -- -- says beaches because it's an unbelievable -- palace where. Dogs can be dogs and -- so much -- and take a leg and. You're saying -- -- -- in the hands away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- where -- related friends who feel like. Intrigued by -- -- dog couldn't tell from the heart of New York City takes let me -- Coleman little -- a cage free -- from. What is the premise behind this hotel that it's. Exclusively for -- it. Defense how -- all about. Caring for your dog the way you do it home it's all topped with a line through that you know you can expect the very best of the best thing you don't. Have to rent. On the clock care -- slinky 101000 square. Alleged completely and -- -- Reno Nevada Linda -- And it -- -- -- like these Hibbert is seven ZIP treatment. We also have a spot where we offer everything from obviously the basic math are grooming services to even pod cares take it to this job. -- experience are even tell them listen Jackie nail polish if you treat me any security and on the ten year and a half pounds and they'll bring in apple will keep. And in his -- canines are hunkered down making it back relax and their right hands and yes. -- Koreans and -- mideast on the personal flat screen TV. There's a standard suite -- and 89 dollars and -- sensational suite 110 delegates and and then and this week that -- the cake. -- Hoover -- British with a full sized humid and for a whopping 200 bucks a night. Pets is not -- -- It's not cheap but if you feel they need a little bit more space or what have you it's a great options you take human -- that. I really the only thing if you get your range shot -- think -- David. There's room for more diligence. -- -- their children. Square made meals prepared by step and even private screeners didn't think she. I get my little -- went back. There's no reason why their dog is a part of your family. Should -- -- stay in McCain Jack -- all you want them to stay in the best place they can't splitting the lap of luxury while their owners are way. And it's like Colin Campbell. -- -- I closes this latest way to pamper your pages making sure they sell well months no matter where you get -- I tell you like it's I visited this place he not become -- the -- knows when and I. -- -- --

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{"id":18073943,"title":"Luxury Hotels for Dogs: Pets Living Large","duration":"3:00","description":"Rachel Smith gets a personal tour of the up-scale canine lodgings.","url":"/GMA/video/luxury-hotels-dogs-pets-living-large-18073943","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}