New Maddie McCann Video May Help Authorities Crack the Case

Officials continue to narrow down what might have happened to the missing child.
3:00 | 10/13/13

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Transcript for New Maddie McCann Video May Help Authorities Crack the Case
That's coming up in with the pop news." Request sara. A brand-new push to solve a mystery puzzling authorities for six years now. maddie McCann was just 6 years old. Through work, investigators have narrowed their time line to when she went missing. And hope brand-new video will crack this case. Jeffrey coffman has more in london. Reporter: Hard to believe six years after their little daughter disappeared, the parents of one britain's most famous missing children, say they are greatly encouraged by the new developments in the investigation. After so many years, could police really find her? Madeleine was just 3 when she disappeared from her parents' hotel room in portugal. If she were alive today she would be 10. They have polled resources. They'll be asking the british public for help tomorrow night in a british crime watch special, that will include detailed reconstruction. Primarily what we sought to do from the beginning is get everything back to zero, take everything back to the beginning and then reanalyze and reassess everything, accepting nothing. Reporter: Police say now they have a list of 41 persons of interest, 15 of them british, by coming the phone records of tourists at the portuguese resort when madeleine disappeared. We focused on the area between 8:30 and 10:00. We know around 10:00 p.M. That IS WHEN MRS. McCANN FOUND THAT Maddie was missing. Reporter: Police are operating on the assumption that she's still alive. For her parents the pain of their daughter's absence doesn't go away. Obviously, maddie's birthday goes without saying. The family occasions. You don't have your complete family. Reporter: Police have no idea what really happened to the little girl, but their investigation is focused on a sex crime or a botched robbery. Jeffrey, thank you. Abc news consultant brad garrett has been following this case closely for years. He joins us from washington. Is a big media push like this likely to work that's six years old. Certainly, dan, working a number of cold cases when you go back I review them, pull up new leads, you're bringing it back into the public eye with this special and they're humanizing the family relationship, look, somebody come forward. What about the release of this never before seen video tape of maddie on the tennis court, running around the court playing ball girl, what likely could that have? That's the emotional hook. When you show this beautiful child with her children, with a relative, someone associated with the bad guy may feel guilty and give you a lead. Brad, you followed this case quite closely, what does your gut tell you after many years in law enforcement, is it possible that she's alive? I would go along with what the british police is saying. You work under the assumption that she's still alive. Without knowing the motivation of the bad guy it's hard to assess other than she's still alive until proven otherwise. Let's all hope she's indeed alive. Lot of other news overnight. For another look, let's turn back to ron claiborne.

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{"id":20556237,"title":"New Maddie McCann Video May Help Authorities Crack the Case","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials continue to narrow down what might have happened to the missing child.","url":"/GMA/video/maddie-mccann-video-authorities-crack-case-20556237","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}