How to Make a Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

ABC News visited the kitchen of the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and Chef James Briscione demonstrates step-by-step how to make bacon-wrapped turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner.
16:04 | 11/18/16

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Transcript for How to Make a Bacon-Wrapped Turkey
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And it and you wanna get Texas despite a run never really important got to let a little bit hanging over the cavity. And then return the sprouts of even see what's happening. We want everything to overlap here what we're gonna wind that doing and that you see on this Turkey Mexican antiques and Rosemary. And handed it to got a hold all of that they can in place of reusing them bruised marries you let alone hosts them yes I think you're. Yeah dvds are hounds her. This is like twelve it you're sixteen it's not clear. If all it can be. They didn't know who. He stressed and then there and they are gonna like yeah I'll call and view of the double alone and sort of you about in over. And this is and that you might want to give you 26. Rosemary stems. Perfectly well I'm Turkey and is packed them this is. Yeah. Happy but he did not like. Yeah not yes to organ do is under our plan and infinitely didn't just use those onions cut him. Bacon on the back. 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It's easy. It right now we can there with the prisoners that's of the animal all that they can act and today. Yeah. If you look at what you gonna get that in the cavity and that's gonna hold the vacant house. On that side. And vet right rather like a musical hello Rosemary skewers kind of like pins they can write down here. As well something they kind of overlap the east and then get a couple strips to weave together. At this going to be you know little tricky but you want all of these pieces to meet down here on the pot. So goes just like not. And you've got through as we don't you gotta get the night here and free eat free I don't share yet of the prisoners a stronger view all the way through right residency started on both sides need all the way around all the way in the basement. And it. It that would let me. Loss. So let and let me turn to lose jobs. These are everywhere wouldn't get together this is that it could be a basis is facing if no basement revealed in the and you go. 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You do use regular milk and you do whatever you want him here. And he liquid. You know it's fine in there. So then we're gonna pile it into a ditch and topped off with a bit of that department's own commitments are your arms around. And as he did you pool round crispy on top. Well that's awesome classic ranch stopping to look legacy regret. Regret but. Then it got an option for gluten free I think this is so cool. Is that. There are retinal officer. Reardon Thanksgiving together and she is gluten free stuff. I. Realize he's from new OK Briggs Deborah come join us. So that's Jenny we're talking about this little. Clear right or I'm kind of. I'm kind of noted. That's a fake. Bidders. Yeah yeah. Are getting. I think he's on the platter. Arctic. Yeah yeah. OK yeah. Yeah. And he's not. He's better citizens. We all this didn't exactly exactly. Yeah. Yeah plus. Fine. I. He started wondering T. He regain its. All. Hold there's nothing definitely. We've got just. All its bullets into the bonds got there. Notable in there and then we have always a little notebook. All right accidents do yes you see were the whole thing got up and he returned earlier I think of somebody has that capability he's. A group that comes out that George Collins and north Florida where we're rough guys have problems to me all the time. There's like there's a difference there isn't totally different. Looking into the supermarket because they think exiting their long time executives are like. I from chest you know. That you witnesses the president with a gun injuries that crazy about expressed absolutely calm so. Definitely what we're here now mind. River. Residents east. Of accidents guys all Erica. These guys here. Let's look on the yeah American males the I don't. From Georgia. And that's California the moment and George. Get US because that is what we called them. This series will be present as it did make for a little bit what you got like that. Graham cracker like my grosses you got. Judy who viewed as a regular. But it really didn't create this season billing. Yeah. Here's the really Smart grid then it. I learn from bringing Malloy. She didn't use his chickpeas. Usually they are. Okay you don't mess him up a little bit. Instead of the Brett what a great idea right seeking to suppress you know you leave a little bit of texture. And I'm using that same mixture right so I've got. That milk and right here's where almond milk really makes a lot of sense or if you got this not for us and he got all the milk and eggs and you've got there is grated cheese is the most Moret. In there. Right so we feel this. Can't you wait that sound you make it now know that's that's yeah yeah. Michael with Nike Pinkston. The dry roasted chick peas. That's yelling wasn't that's a really cool fronts you here on there. Do you do to get liberalism. A little more about yeah. While it doesn't harm boom. Yeah. Quickly Larry. Yeah. And aren't. Nobody here cookies. While. 'cause. Acts. Well Turkey. The book work and my concept. A in this. This is a honey mustard pump. Hi this. Is. My dog my daughter. My thought is that Seth eyewitness. Look at your comments are about to go with my daughter is totally obsessed witness. She's seven now and other Hamas and news and growth in our house yeah. Does got talent. This delusion. Isn't it so op like I'm not a may have gotten. Did. You know I'm not a may have gotten so I think they had he's also spreads are excellent. And they have every other currency but the honey mustard is might be is my absolute favorite. And let me answer was his legacy is all but it's like the perfect fingers on which it's so much healthier than and it's replies no like I don't like a man. I don't McMahon myself I have. There is. Beauty that they can start your right it's. A Turkey sandwiches at work today if it does. Correct some. You know we've. Turkey and do what's happening. Turkey and they can all messed up together ready to go and sentences. I think. I refuse service on Thanksgiving just so all of the river. While days. Yeah. It's another good reason you ago this we can't get certain. May your ignorance wraps certain pitch game great work Thanksgiving. These sentences. Good job. Where it went. Yeah. Itself ready we couldn't it's really does now. Yeah. Us. I was Olbermann is only zero. Yeah me. Yes and thank partner for those all right I'm the. I now going to be at an issue. I have nothing costs with little just for you and Brett. That's amazing. Mentally and.

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{"duration":"16:04","description":"ABC News visited the kitchen of the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and Chef James Briscione demonstrates step-by-step how to make bacon-wrapped turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43643820","title":"How to Make a Bacon-Wrapped Turkey","url":"/GMA/video/make-bacon-wrapped-turkey-43643820"}