Man Who Gives Back Gets Magical Surprise With David Copperfield

Chad Juros, 27, who survived childhood leukemia at age 3, started the "Spread the Magic Foundation" to bring magic to children with cancer in hospitals nationwide.
8:07 | 09/11/15

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Transcript for Man Who Gives Back Gets Magical Surprise With David Copperfield
ly Salee a spectacle in just a W Fe "Above and beyond" with our series celebrating everyday heroes. Are you ready? Are you ready at home. We asked you to send us stories about people who have gone above and beyond in your communities, among the many, many amazing incredible stories we received, one stood out. It was about Chad juros, a remarkable young man who spends his days spreading magic to cheer up children. The day Chad was born was such a wonderful magical day tore our family. He was a very sweet, kind, loving, energetic happy go lucky kid. When Chad was 3 years old he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It was absolutely devastating. It changed our lives forever. My dad wanted to provide Chad with a distraction so he would bring little bedside magic tricks. Whether it just would be a deck of cards or using sleight of hand, and my brother was really entertained by it. As soon as he was considered in remission, my father was diagnosed. The doctors came to me and said he has brain cancer and the dying wish was continue to spread your magic across the world in the hopes that everyone could find the magic in their life the way Chad did is. . Chad started the spread the magic foundation. He performs for hospital, foundations all over the united States. Everybody loves David copperfield. He's like the king of magic. And since Chad was a little boy he would go and idolized him, wanted to be like him, that kind of thing. I am Carter swazy. Go. I met Chad by him coming to my birthday in my hospital room to do some magic tricks and he asked me if I wanted to see some magic and I was like, yes! He made me happy on a day that was probably supposed to be crappy. I had a fever. He was like my Superman. Chad I think is above and beyond because of his ability and his willingness to help every person that he meets. He just has this magical power over everybody. I have never seen Chad not happy. I have a never seen him in a bad mood ever. He knows the other side of life. Magic is what cured him and magic is what keeps him alive. Wow. Such an uplifting story, Sara. How are we going "Above and beyond" for this deserving young man. Chad's friends and family really wanted to take honoring him to the next level and teamed up with aerial artist John Quigley whose hart you see here and a surprise visit from Chad's idol. The tricky thing was getting him there. We conjured up a pretend magic show to lure him into Bali's hotel casino in Atlantic City. Chad? Yes. Hi. How are you? How are you? Excellent. Are you prepping for the ? eechnde us ? I did all morning for this, it is T to go hello. I'll help you. Thank you. I want to let David take over. He'll take you somewhere and I'll head to the beach then we'll meet up in a little bit. Okay. So let the magic continue. Come on right this way. ? Okay. ? Only way you can know ? ? give it all you have ? ? and hope that you don't suffer but take the pain ? In your position, 30 seconds. Thank you mean so much to this community and now the community wants to give back to you. Your friends have created something amazing but you need to help me. Put your hands like this. Like this and do your thing. ? ? I did it all ? My dad, yeah. And me. ? I I did it all ? They love you so much. This is absolutely unbelievable. ? Be broken I swear ? The image itself was powerful but then knowing it was created by your family and friends. ? That is so cool. I don't know about you at home but here we're all oh! Joining us now the magic man himself, Chad, his beautiful mother and girlfriend and your new bff, David copperfiel so has it all settled in yet. I am still in shock. It is a dream. Okay, well, keep that feeling going because, David, don't you have another surprise. Air coming to Vegas. What? You come to my show at the mgm. All brand-new stuff in the show. And you'll get a private tour of my museum. Oh my gosh. Chad, did you hear all that? Aaagh. Can you say it again? Museum and show. Oh, my gosh. You know why this is so important to so many of us and David in particular because you can relate to Chad because of the foundation that you have. It's very similar. We have a magic that teaches magic. Chad knows about it. Hospitals around the world and it's pretty awesome. It is and thank you for what you're doing there. I'm know David copperfield but we have something more. Come on over here. We'll need help from our audience on this one. I want you to look right into this monitor right here. Ready, guys. Go. Do you know what that means. Have you ever heard one of those sounds before? I know what that means. What does that mean. Well, let's see. Come over here. I want you to see. Our friends at Ford were so touched by your story. This bad boy is yours. What. They are giving you this Ford magic show. Well, I am Haines haibs. Hi, Sara Haines. I'mgood morning America." Pleasure to meet you. There's no magic show. There's no magic show? What? That's the magic here. We want to take you and we'll ndleha the magic out. Okay. Just neeto cd E wiom thus . O Kay. ? right over here. This is my mom. Come on in here. We should probably get going because we have a lot in front of us so -- driver. I need your seat belts on, guys. Everybody has -- David, what are you doing ? How are you? What's happening. D, are we ready? We are. Okay, let's go. I'll ive G ab limva pricy up there. Thank you so much. ? Open the crowds ? Sara. Ant to toss it to ginger. Yes. Let's do that. Should we honk one more time?

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{"duration":"8:07","description":"Chad Juros, 27, who survived childhood leukemia at age 3, started the \"Spread the Magic Foundation\" to bring magic to children with cancer in hospitals nationwide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33682255","title":"Man Who Gives Back Gets Magical Surprise With David Copperfield ","url":"/GMA/video/man-back-magical-surprise-david-copperfield-33682255"}