Manhunt Underway for Escaped Arkansas Convict

Timothy Buffington was convicted of murdering his ex-wife and is considered armed and dangerous.
1:25 | 06/23/14

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Transcript for Manhunt Underway for Escaped Arkansas Convict
Now to the escaped convict on the loose, terrifying an entire countryside, taking a hostage on his run from the law. Gio Benitez has the details. Reporter: This morning a desperate man hunt for timothy bufington. He's armed and dangerous. He escaped in pine bluff, Arkansas, Thursday everything. During his escape, took the woman hostage. But that woman was able to escape unharmed. But he's at large, believed to have a shotgun and a backpack full of ammunition. Pine bluff and the surrounding communities on high alert. Lock my doors and slept with one eye open. Reporter: The search hampered by the densely-wooded landscape. He was 15 years into a 20 year sentence for the murder of his ex-wife. Prison officials say he was a model inmate, trusted so much he was transferred to the pine bluff facility. A low security work release unit where only the most well-behaved can hone job skills before being released back into society. It's unclear how he escaped. He's 5'6", 180 pounds, with a scar on his upper left arm and right wrist. And last seen wearing a white prison jump suit. Definitely a dangerous guy. Thank you. Now sticker shock at

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{"id":24258796,"title":"Manhunt Underway for Escaped Arkansas Convict","duration":"1:25","description":"Timothy Buffington was convicted of murdering his ex-wife and is considered armed and dangerous.","url":"/GMA/video/manhunt-underway-escaped-arkansas-convict-24258796","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}